WoW: The Half-Past Five thread - SERVER MOVE UPDATE

For those in our WoW guild on Alliance/Frostwolf (Half Past Five), I just wanted to post a couple things. It’s getting to the point where the guild MOTD doesn’t have enough space for everything, so I figured I’d start a thread to let people know what’s going on.

First off, we’re doing probably two or three instance runs this weekend. We’ve got a group of 20’s going through the Deadmines, and a group of 50’s doing a run through both Zul Farrak and Sunken Temple (those last two are sort of clean-up runs for people who didn’t complete quests the first time we did them, but we’re all happy to do the entire instance again I think). I’m not sure we’ll actually get both ZF and ST done, but that’s the tentative plan. So, anyone who wants to jump into those, feel free. We may have more than 5 people, but we can just form a couple of groups if need be. I think ZF and ST will be Saturday and Deadmines will be Sunday.

Second, we’re starting to get some high-level crafters in the guild. Haymish is now doing the armorcrafting specialty, and he can also make mithril spurs for people (you add them to your boots to get a boost to mount speed). You need him (or some other decent blacksmith) to install the spurs, but message him ingame and he’ll hook you up. We’ve also got at least one 300 Alchemist. My character is 300 Herbalism and 300 Skinning, so anyone needing high-level leathers or herbs can mail me (or post here) and I’ll try and supply you.

Finally, I’d encourage any of you in the guild to invite good people. The guild has been growing slowly, and we’re finally at the point where we often have 10-15 people on in prime time, which is nice. The more the merrier. Everyone should be an officer with invite ability, so please feel free to bring in good folks (by which I mean people you know or have played with for a while–not someone you did one instance with).

For those not in the guild and looking to join, you just need to be playing the Alliance side on Frostwolf. You can send a /tell to any of the following folks for an invite: Cairn, Haymish, Dolthas, Fygar, Screwtwist, Taschen. Those folks are often on. Anyone else who wants to add their name to that list, feel free.

A bunch of various friends have pulled me onto three separate servers over the past few weeks, but if any HPFers need the assist on Deadmines, I can bring Miho (Lvl27 NE Hunter) on to tag along.

I got a PM asking whether characters below “20’s” and “50’s” can come along. Definitely! I was just mentioning the levels of the folks who are going at the moment. It’s not any sort of requirement. If we have enough for two groups, we’ll try and shuffle stuff around so everyone has a reasonable level mix. And of course, if you miss this weekend for whatever reason, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future. I love ZF and ST and would be happy to repeat them with people as needed, and I think others in the guild feel the same way. And DM is my favorite instance of all, so I’m always up for that with my alt. If people are wondering what the real low-end limit is, I don’t know. I would think anyone under 20 would have a hard time in the Mines, although it’s been a long time since I did it. And I would think you’d need to be at least 40 for Zul, and maybe 42 for Sunken (anyone else have a feeling for this and want to chime in?).

I think everyone in HPF is pretty casual. Nobody is expecting military precision or maximum efficiency or anything like that–we’re just screwing around with the game and having a good time. Join us if you’re interested–there won’t be any sort of pressure or expectations or whatever. If we get through, great; if not, we try it again next weekend or the weekend after. I wiped our entire group in Sunken last weekend when I let a runner get away, so you’re not likely to make a worse mistake than that.

I’ll try and update this thread every now and again to keep people up on what’s happening, and obviously everyone is welcome to use the thread to organize their own stuff, talk about our last raid, make fun of Haymish for that Banzai headband his character is wearing, etc. It’s nice having more folks on, and it seems like a good time to try and help everyone coordinate a little more if they’re interested.

I kill you round-eye!

To add onto it. Deadmines is around 20, so late teens on is just fine. Also dont forget the Scarlet Monestary (great 30ish place). Most of our instance runs are thrown together when enough show up, so planning and such are pretty much not there. ZF is late 30s+ and I would say sunken temple is probably 45ish or so. If you are roughly close join up and go. Worst case is you get stuck with Ry and die lots.

Lastly, if anyone has a need for some armor or weapons post a note or contact me ingame (Haymish). Worst case there is I might need some mats (mainly gems).

Actually, with a lot of the end-area Deadmines stuff being level 25 Elites or what-have-you, I’d say teens would have some trouble staying alive at the end there.

Any other lowbies on this server? I’d love to have people to group with, but I don’t have a character on that realm. I’d have to roll a new one. Can I still hang out with you guys once I level up a bit? :)

You guys are still playing? I’m just about to quit, amazingly bad server stability and nothing much to do.

God yes. I have characters on 4 different servers and enjoy each one. I’m guessing that I have the stamina to get one of them to 60. And I really want to see what the Battlefields offer. I’ve played games with a lot worse server stability than this one. Planetside, anarchy online, horizons, bf1942 all had extremely rough spots. I remember my computer taking forever to find a game that wasn’t full on bf1942, it could be a 20 minute process just to play (rather queue-like).

Any time I think maybe I’m done with this game I just go to the multimedia WoW page and listen to the voices and then I’m hooked all over again (about 2/3s of the way down):

How’s Frostwolf doing these days? I’m looking to roll an alliance character and I’d love to hang out with you folks but I was under the impression that Frostwolf was one of the worst of the bunch, constantly nagged with downtime, queues, and crashes. Is this impression wrong?

I had all but settled on Shadow Council, a low population RP server, instead, in a desire to avoid so many of the problems that others are having. Are there any QT3’ers out there on a low pop server that want some company?

Thrrrpt: There are some lowbie characters in the guild, but I don’t know how often they log in. There’s definitely an active group at 18-22, if you think you could catch up to that. We’re doing Deadmines this weekend.

Fuzzy: Frostwolf was really great for a couple of months–no crashes, occasional loot lag or rez lag but that was fairly rare. No queues. Last week, FW (and a bunch of other servers) was down for two days, though.

I am definitely nowhere near quitting. My main is at 52 and is still a blast to play. My alt is at 21 and I’m enjoying him as well. I have a Horde guy on another server that I want to play, but I don’t play him much because I enjoy the two Alliance characters too much. I can’t wait for battlegrounds and future developments like Hero classes. I’m really psyched to check out Dire Maul once I gain a couple levels. It’s all good from my perspective–haven’t played another game (aside from Laser Squad Nemesis turns) since December.

Cool. I started a Human Warlock named Sanza* last night and got up to 6 in no time, though I know it slows down quickly after lvl 10. I’ll see how close I can get. How can I contact you all in game?

*Yes, I realize it’s almost “Sansa” and that’s horribly unoriginal. I was getting “That name is not available” on the previous half dozen names and I made it up off the top of my head. Or so I thought. It wasn’t intentional, anyway. At least I’m not the guy I saw running around as “Legoolas.”

Just send any of us a tell. Some people who are often on:

Cairn (me)
Dolthas (my alt)
Haymish (Greg Williams)
Lumare (Sidd_Budd)

Anyone else who wants to add their name to that list, feel free.

Did the European version of Half Past Five ever get off the ground? I’m currently in a laid back friendly alliance guild on EU-Aggramar, but would be willing to start an alt if the Euro version exists.

I also have Sareth and Azethem if anyone needs an invite

Do we have an estimated start time (with time zone) for the Saturday Zul’Farrak & Sunken Temple runs?

I only WISH we were that organized. I’ve been dropping in off and on to see how many folks are playing. If we get 4 of the appropriate level (including me), we’ll start. If someone wants to propose a time, I’m up for that. I’m busy from probably 6:30 PT on, seeing a movie, but I’m free all morning & afternoon.

New update:

First off, thanks to everyone who did Zul’Farrak and Deadmines. Both were good groups and a ton of fun. We wiped on the end battle of ZF the first time, but ran the whole place a week later. The Mines group wiped in the Foundry, though. We were trying to four-man it with 21-24s, which didn’t work too well.

We’re running Sunken Temple this weekend, Sunday evening. Anyone who’s interested, feel free to show up.

I’m thinking the weekend after (that’s the 8th) would be a good time to try our BRD run. I think that’s a fairly long instance, but we should have several folks who are high enough to do it by then.

New update:

Thanks to everyone who came along for ST last weekend. Again, a good group and a lot of fun. We made it to what I think is the final boss (maybe second-to-final–the prophet) but got killed there. We may try ST again this weekend, probably today (Saturday) in the evening. ST is mid-40’s for the first part, and high 40’s, low 50’s for the second part. Unfortunately, some of the quests are tough to find, and I don’t think any are shareable. The chains that lead to ST start with a troll in Steamwheedle, I believe one starts with an elven woman in Feathermoon, and one starts with the Bloodpetals quest in Un’Goro. If you want to check Thottbot, some quest names are Stone Circle, Secret of the Circle, Ancient Egg, and Into the Depths.

We’re also planning to run Blackrock Depths on Sunday evening if we can get a group together. BRD is a mid-50’s dungeon and I think it’s pretty long. We’ve poked around in it a couple of times but never really made serious progress. Quests for BRD are mostly found in Burning Steppes–at Flamecrest, and Morgant’s Vigil. Some of them are fairly complex chains. There’s also one that starts in the king’s room in Ironforge.

We may also do a back-half Maraudon run this weekend. Maraudon is my least-favorite instance, but some folks still have quests to clean up in there. And I really like the final boss battle. We’re going to start at the centaur’s room, which means you need to have completed the first half of Maraudon already and have the staff in your bags, if you want to go along. Maraudon is a mid- to late-40’s dungeon IIRC.

The main bosses in ST are the Prophet, Hakkar, and Eranikus. They’re all fun, but the Prophet’s the “easiest”, Hakkar is the longest fight, and Eranikus takes some work to actually get to him (cool trinket you get for it, so it’s worth doing).

I do like Sunken Temple.

Just as a random FYI: only one person needs the Scepter of Celebras to get into Earth Song Falls in Maraudon. Once the portal is open, anyone in the group can use it while it’s up, and it stays up for a bit.