WTF NVidia????? Login now required in GeForce Experience

The new version of GeForce Experience - necessary for automated driver updates - requires registration.
Jackholes! It won’t let me get drivers without registering via Facebook, google or NVidia.

Frigging jackholes!

My conversation via Chat:

[quote] Sonal: Sorry about the wait time in the queue, the chat volume is high these days due to new game promotion and software updates.
Concerned PC User: Why the heck does the new GeForce Experience app require registration??? Why can’t I just get my driver updates without this stupid requirement?
Concerned PC User: This is rather asinine to me.
Sonal: Sorry for the inconvenience caused due to the login requirement.

Users with NVIDIA accounts can take advantage of prizes and giveaways, GameStream pairing to SHIELD devices, video/photo upload and broadcasting features, and more.
Concerned PC User: So what? I just want my drivers.
Concerned PC User: I should be able to get them without the idiotic registration requirement
Concerned PC User: Pretty sure I’ll be dumping NVidia for AMD if this continues
Sonal: Sorry for the inconvenience thus caused. I completely understand your concern here but there is no option to bypass the login feature
Concerned PC User: Well, put one in or provide a link to one which doesn’t require it. [/quote]

I’ve always downloaded my drivers from here :

No sign-in required.

Yeah the nvidia ‘experience’ desperately wants to be on my comp. No. Thank you. I do my own game tweaking. And I decide when to update drivers.

Funny how Nvidia fanboys bemoan the Intel monopoly, but then they wish AMD to die.

Yeah, but the problem is that that is a manual process and you have to go looking for the updated drivers and make sure they are correct. Previously, without the registration requirement, you would be notified of a new driver once it was released.

I thought the GeForce Experience app will still automatically get you drivers without logging in, and the log-in stuff is only necessary for the automatic configuration / streaming / other related features.

Not with the update this week as best I can tell.

Yeah, and to make it worse, I couldn’t log in with my valuable Nvidia account (maybe due to th ddos attack?)…

You can’t use GFE any more without registering, true. I’m fine with that.

If they had tied driver downloads to GFE, no longer offering them on their website, that would be worth some internet rage. And they did threaten to do it, until said rage shut that down.

Ugh. That sucks

The new Experience app isn’t bad, I did have to turn off it’s sharing crap though. Nvidia, I use OBS, if I wanna stream stuff, I’ll do it my own damned self, thank you.

But yeah, you can get drivers without it. I’m just lazy. ;)

Yeah this login requirement was a dealbreaker for me, too. Sucks.

I registered my throwaway google account but I raged the whole time.


Yeah, I can’t get worked up over it. Just use a garbage email account.

I used an anonymous account from Worked fine.

I refused, myself. I can’t think of a single user-friendly reason for the change aside from “prizes and giveaways,” and I don’t bother with their “special” settings, anyway. As an FYI - it DID still notify me about the driver, however.

This did bother me too. I really hate crap like this. I used my google login which i am pretty sure keeps them from knowing my real email address. If they want to add an enhancement that I really want, how about a silent update like chrome does. When I shutdown my computer, go ahead and install the new driver first.

There is a lot of things to be unhappy about with the new GFE/Nvidia drivers.

The new nvidia drivers/GFE come with a bunch of extra services (like before).

But instead of having several of the services running as their own, allowing you to disable them individually (like the Shield service, Network, etc…) they have now bundled them into:

Nvidia Localsystem Container (“C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NvContainer\nvcontainer.exe” -s NvContainerLocalSystem -a -f “C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA\NvContainerLocalSystem.log” -l 3 -d “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NvContainer\plugins\LocalSystem”)

Nvidia Networkservice COntainer (C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NvContainer\nvcontainer.exe" -s NvContainerNetworkService -f “C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA\NvContainerNetworkService.log” -l 3 -d “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NvContainer\plugins\NetworkService”)

Nvidia DisplayContainer (C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display.NvContainer\NVDisplay.Container.exe" -s NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem -f “C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA\NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem.log” -l 3 -d “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display.NvContainer\plugins\LocalSystem”)

Nvidia Wireless Controller Service (Which is awesome when you do not have a Wireless device…)

You will notice that two of those services run the same “nvcontainer.exe” which means that you will get a lot of prompts from your firewall unless you give it full access - and you cant really “block one” and “allow the other”. So even more ‘into detail’ settings are required.

GFE also runs in an interesting mode upon first launch (the wizard!) in that it automatically starts scanning most of your hard drives and ANYTHING that includes the word “game” in it to see if anything matches a master list at Nvidia for applications, too see if they have thumbnails and configuration files they can automatically download from the internet to your install folder (which is probably on an SSD now…)

This happens every time you launch GFE and also seemed to be running in the background while you were doing other things and not in the GFE user interface, were I’d have 10+ NvContainer (or something else) processes with various arguments for game-name a, b, c, etc… where it would try to download data.

You do have an option to disable the auto scan and whatnot, but that one is only available inside a text file in one of the nvidia folders… Upon the first launch of GFE you have no option but to allow it to start scanning etc, to click through the Wizard to actually complete the installation, then LATER on you can tell it to only scan one folder instead of all the folders it defaulted to and/or found (c:\program files, c:\games, d:\games, e:\games, etc etc etc…).

Once you’ve done that, you can go into the nvidia folders and delete 500+MB of thumbnails showing all the graphic options for the games you have installed with settings you will never let GFE mess with since thankfully you could still set it to “NOT AUTOMATICALLY EDIT THE CONFIGURATION FILES FOR ALL MY GAMES” (Probably going to be defaulted to YES in a new version…).

Another fun thing is that the new Overlay for streaming/capture is no longer a normal windows UI element, but its own “thing” with a custom file browser that is drawn on top of everything on your screen. The fun thing is that, if you for example want to input your Twitch login details, you have to use the new “overlay” UI to enter this information, but if you wanted to alt-tab to say, keepass to get the password, the steps in the Overlay UI are reset (since you are basically quitting it to return to Keepass and get the password) and you have to start from step 1 again.

There is also a lot of callback functions in the new GFE so I reckon a thorough look through all the javascript files may be required, or just uninstalling it alltogether. Couldn’t get video capture or streaming to work at all with the new version anyway.

Oh yea; Had to login to start the thing at first.

If I’d know the new verison of GFE would be Windows 10 level of shit I think I’d have stayed back on 2.x version I had running before…

Thanks for the info. Just reinforces my decision not to install it.

I like it. The optimized settings are a good starting point for my games. I just use a fake gmail account to login, not a problem.