WTH? What's up in Austria

As the article indicates, this is case is similar to one in Austria discovered just a few years ago.

And the mother didn’t know. Right.

I just read that too. Natascha Kampusch* was bad enough, but this is just beyond comprehension. A daughter trapped 24 years in the basement by her father and forced to bear seven of his children? I didn’t think things like that could shock me anymore, but I was wrong.

  • I just got back from a trip to Vienna last night and Natascha Kampusch (the woman who was abducted at age 10 and only escaped from her captor when she was 18, two years ago) is still on magazine covers in Austria as the country examines her attempt to return to a normal life.

The one think that bothers me is that story doesn’t really question whether the father is the father of her kids. I don’t know if that means he confessed or what, but for a story that just broke in the last week, I’d wonder whether they’ve done the dna testing to verify it.

It was probably under investigation for a while longer than 2 weeks. The Austrian press isn’t like the American press, as there are a lot of privacy laws and they actually respect police requests not to publish stories until the police deem that doing so will not hinder the investigation in any way.

I’m sure that’s helping a great deal.

The article is dated 4/28/08 and says this:

A 19-year-old girl, who was seriously ill and is still fighting for her life, was last weekend dropped off at the hospital in Amstetten.

Doctors appealed for the girl’s mother, who at that time was believed to have disappeared, to come forward to provide more details about the daughter’s medical history.

Josef then brought Elisabeth and her remaining two children out of the basement, telling his wife that their “missing” daughter had chosen to return home, police said.

Note the “last weekend” time reference. It sounds like the whole thing developed in the last week. But, maybe I’m reading it wrong or the article doesn’t have an accurate timeline.


How the hell did he create his supar sekrit underground baby making factory cum prison without anyone ever noticing? I mean, concrete doors on rails aren’t the kind of thing you can just sneak into your basement without anyone noticing. And you know he was doing heavy digging down there, because his wife was unaware and would probably have disapproved of Mr. de Sade’s activities if he had just used the basement.

And he must have soundproofed the thing too, otherwise the daughter would have been able to alert her mom by, presumably, screaming while daddy was trying to get his groove on.

So, basically, how the hell does a guy get away with major construction in his basement without anyone noticing? And why did nobody ask to see the newly created space? Either he was crafty as hell (and a damn good craftsman to boot) or the mom is lying and knew about parts (all?) of this but chose not to say anything for whatever reason.

I just can’t believe that this shithead is trundling in his fucking concrete and staring at his kids and going “muahahaha” while sporting a giant boner and nobody figures it out. You’d think his wife would be curious about their energy bill going up what with all the cooking and cleaning going down in their little hell-hole.

Ruh roh, someone didn’t finish the story! Tsk tsk tsk.

This whole is so unreal that it seems like a twisted prank on the part of the newspaper.

baby making factory cum prison

It’s a baby making factory AND a cum prison!


I could see it being a lie or prank on the part of the daughter (hence my question about the DNA aspect).

However, I heard about in my local news and did a quick google search and just linked the first of many articles on this that popped up.

Fucked up.

It’s not like it’s a huge underground dungeon with gigantic fallout shelter type concrete doors:


Also, Mr. F? That’s kind of an unintentional Arrested Development reference.

Someone needs to put a bullet in his head.

No love for prison gang rape?

What are the chances of recovery from this kind of experience? I read this story and I’m just overcome at the idea of what this would do to a person. Just the idea of taking someone with a life and a personality and then systematically debasing, destroying and dehumanizing them (I don’t think there’s any other outcome)… I don’t know what to say. I don’t think this is something someone can recover from.

I mean, when you do this to someone you’re breaking them. You’re taking away their dignity and part of their humanity and I don’t think it’s something that can be fixed. I know I’m rambling, but I’ve read about this kind of story before and I’ve always had trouble expressing why this disturbs me more than something like a murder. So ya.

The weird part, for me, is that I’m not even concerned with what happens to the dad ( don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t have a problem with his death.) I just want the victim to be able to recover.

Also, there was something about the victim having multiple siblings. Is it really possible that no one suspected anything?

Yeah, the news reports today are saying he confessed. The one I linked to last night didn’t have that information.

Also, it seems like there are three major victims (the woman and the two kid older kids that were stuck in the basement with her) and then her other kids.

And yeah, I don’t buy the mother not knowing one bit.

Not to mention the perpetrator is her father. Thats just piling on with baggage.

You can’t just sneak an entire bathroom into your house without anyone noticing. Well, unless you have magic powers or something.

edit: shrank image because it was raping the internet with its massive size.

This captor man is surely the worst Austrian ever!