X4 - Now with more flyable ships

I was actually thinking this too. Where can I find some asteroid fields?

Quite a few places. Grand Exchange has a ton. Trinity Sanctum III (I think, can’t remember the number for certain. It’s the one with the Paranid shipyard) has a small asteroid field but for whatever reason I have good luck there. Just might be RNG.

if you’re up in the north in Split space, Family Zhin is great. Argon Prime has a good amount of asteroids as well, I think.

One of those should be in the neighborhood depending on where you’re at currently.

From memory it gives you tips about using the scan mode on the station to find missions, you have to do this to trigger the story chain (I think).

Thanks! I got the plot mission started and I ended up in Grand Exchange and found some crystals that are apparently worth a few hundred thousand. Now I just need to figure out where to sell them…

Any station will buy them, but they’re considered personal inventory and not ship cargo. So when you dock at a station, go to the Trader Corner (I think that’s what it is called) and there will be an NPC there that will buy them from you.

Ah, thank you! I thought to try that but then the station I was on didn’t have a trader there. I think it was probably a solar power factory or something like that that I had no business on. Then I forgot.

How do you dump contraband? I think I ended up with some space fly and unstable crystals, and I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of them before the Argon station lit me up.

When the cops comm you I’m pretty sure one of the dialogue options will automatically drop your illegal stuff. But in general you should just run from the cops. The reputation hit is mostly temporary and too many of the useful personal inventory items are illegal. They won’t chase you past radar range, so just leave the area until they cool off.

I’m waiting for a sale to pick this up - any hopes for that happening soon?

Steam summer sale most likely.

I got it 30% off at GOG. Don’t know if (1) that’s enough for you or (2) it’s still on.

Thanks. I always forget to look at conversation options.

But you’re probably right that it makes more sense just to beat it. I just didn’t last more than ten seconds once they opened up.

revisited this after getting into discord group for egosoft. finally hit my stride with it and addicted now. Loaded up some mods from Steam workshop and hit 200 hours in game now.

I found a hacking thingy (security decryption something?) and now I can hack terminals. Is that something I should do? Specifically, I’m on the wharf in Argon Prime looking to buy a ship or two. Can I decrease the prices somehow? There are a bunch of different terminals to hack.

Also, I’m thinking of buying three ships:

  1. Upgrading my main ship from the starter interceptor to a fighter. (i.e. M4 to M3 in the old X3TC parlance
  2. A mining ship, because why not.
  3. A dinky scout to do the main mission (though I should check to make sure it can carry the antimatter or whatever it is I need).

I’ve got like 1.5 million after some crystal mining. (Which is kind of soothing, but I wish there were more background music. The background music in X3TC was kinda nice.)

Also, AFAICT you get the same price selling components as they charge for buying them, which is nice.

If you find signal leaks of the Comm variety on stations, you can often pick up missions from unsavory sorts that will pay well to hack station equipment. You can also hack them to have the station jettison its cargo or disabled shields/turrets if it’s something you’re planning on attacking. There are also sometimes data signal leaks on stations that can get you better prices at the station for a number of hours.

Personally I use the first 10 Mil or so I have to buy and outfit mining ships. And place them in the various faction locations I want to be friends with. They make you money and everytime they make a sale you get a reputation boost. Silicon mining is the most stable income. Nividium is great for a quick cash influx, I usually have a single miner doing that and manually sell the cargo once every 15 minutes or so.

Thanks, I’ll probably save my hacking thing for something like that. But I’ve been having issues with signal leaks. I fly around, really close to the station, with short-range scanner mode on, but I can’t really seem to find any “static” that they tell you to listen for. I once found a sputtering electrical discharge thingy that I thought was the same thing that I found in the tutorial, and sat right outside it for a while, but nothing happened. I then got out in my spacesuit and shot it with the repair laser for a while, but then it just went away. Oh well.

Good idea. What kind of mining ship should I get? I noticed they have small and medium ones.

That should have been a leak. You have to get REAL close, like shove your camera into it kind of close. You should see a message saying something like “Decrypting data stream” in the notification window in the bottom left. Honestly, I found hunting down leaks to be a little too time consuming for what they offer so I downloaded the Signal Leak Hunter mod. It will give you a quest marker to a leak once you get close it it which made it less tedious for me.

In terms of miners, I would suggest any of the M-sized mineral miners to start off with.

Question about mods–is there any reason not to get them? Cheevos?

Will they affect an already-started game? (probably depends on the mod)

Is there one that reduces the cost of the hub quest by a factor of 10? … oops, sorry, flashback from X3TC.

Correct, depends on the mod. Most can be enabled during a save but the big overhaul ones like VRO are exceptions.

I’m not sure about achievements but I know that modded games can’t do Ventures which I already ignore anyway. Basically, if you’re logged in you can send AI ships to venture into someone else’s game and sometimes they come back with resources that can be used for cosmetics or something like that? Not something I’ve ever cared about, and I believe there’s even a mod to do those “offline” as well and be simulated instead of being sent into other people’s games.

There are mods regarding the PHQ but thankfully the base version isn’t anywhere near as onerous as the Hub was. Getting to the last tiers of research took a little effort but it didn’t feel too bad to me.