X4 - Now with more flyable ships


Well well, that’s a first! Glad to know that. ;)


Yeah, this is definitely the best X game to just jump into if you’re not super interested in the economy, I’ll tell you what.


I’m wandering around Black Hole Sun and Grand Exchange and doing missions for folks and exploring. Working on getting my faction level(s) to ten, like the story line suggested. It’s getting me cash and more familiar with some more basic stuff, like dealing with mines and finding goods on the map, and now I have a mission to repair a satellite. So, got to go buy that repair tool, I guess.

I’m also glad I invested in the docking software, and I’ll grab the upgrade on my next visit to an equipment dock. It’s nice to not accidentally clip through the landing platform like happened a few times when docking manually.

I did my first trade and made relatively no money vs missions, but I believe it increased my faction rank with the lizard people.

It’s been a long time since I played X3, do satellites work the same in X4? Like, if I drop a satellite in a sector, will I see current trade prices in the sector without a need to revisit it personally? Or has some of that behavior changed?


The behavior you describe has not changed but the sectors are really big now and it’s not clear to me how much territory each navsat covers.


You can see it via the map, can’t you? I thought I could see the radius revealed from my satellites, but maybe I’m mistaken.


Basic sat is like 7K radius, advanced is around double that I think. basically its fairly small. You will need several sats to cover all factories in a sector.


@KevinC, @Rod_Humble,
Thanks, guys.

Also, patch 1.20 is out:

  • Added Korean localisation.
  • Added “Keep Settings?” dialog when changing antialiasing option.
  • Added user-submitted default profile for the Thrustmaster T16000m FCS HOTAS (thanks eisberg1977!).
  • Changed default setting for gamepad mode to be “Only for controllers”.
  • Removed hull damage on collisions until the auto pilot has learned to fly around things!
  • Fixed suspense music still playing even if all nearby enemies have been destroyed.
  • Fixed player-owned ship icons that are underneath player-owned station icons getting selection priority.
  • Fixed player ships assigned to stations not trading in some cases.
  • Fixed the movement of newly assigned managers to the managers office.
  • Fixed manager’s office on player stations not being accessible if there is no manager.
  • Fixed crew re-assignment in certain cases (e.g. from M ship to docked S ship).
  • Fixed assigning of crew in the back of your ship.
  • Fixed being able to assign crew as black marketeers.
  • Fixed cash exploit involving hallucinogenics and hard drugs!
  • Fixed too many Split characters appearing as pilots and managers.
  • Fixed not being able to Comm managers of player-owned stations via the info menu.
  • Fixed exploit allowing Comm with all known ships regardless of location (increased Comm range to compensate).
  • Fixed repair prices being inversely proportional to the amount of damage.
  • Fixed mass traffic being damaged in hazardous regions.
  • Fixed Bring Item missions.
  • Fixed some unlocalised text.
  • Fixed excessively loud repair lasers.
  • Fixed certain asteroids not displaying the correct name.
  • Fixed mirrored logos on small argon fighters.
  • Fixed highway adsigns clipping into opposite lane.
  • Fixed high and medium graphics qualities being identical.
  • Fixed graphics quality presets not changing texture quality and SSR option.
  • Fixed black screen after setting controller sensitivity to zero.
  • Fixed possible freeze involving ships repeatedly recalling subordinates who are unable to dock.
  • Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.


Some sectors in AP required multiple advsats. Oh, the memories… ;)


I was wondering about that, haha.


See this kind of attitude is why I like X4 and its a single player game. They know they goofed so they just make it easy on the player till they can fix it. Nice!


I’m not sure I follow on the single player correlation. How do you mean?


They dont have to worry about game balance or someone “beating” it. Is what I meant. I guess I was reacting to the grind put into some other space games. This one feels more like a game that cares about fun before grind. if that makes sense.


I’ve looked everywhere. Where can I sell crystals mined from the sides of asteroids?


Holy shit, you were neither kidding nor exaggerating.

Bonus points for me because the ship was surrounded by a mine field. That was actually pretty hilarious.


I love Egosoft and 3D pathfinding is a hard problem, but they’ve had 20 years now. Hire someone who at least passed trigonometry for fuck’s sake.


Hah yeah, I’ve not used the autopilot once.


Marines don’t have the choice you do, unfortunately. ;)

Now that collision damage is off, autopilot is useful when traveling multiple sectors, at least.


I’ve tried autopilot twice. Each time it just kinda sat there. No travel mode. No nothing. I’m good with manually piloting and landing my ship myself.


The Autopilot actually got worse this update. Impressive. Also I just had my first CTD. Hmm . Maybe not such a good patch.


This thread is very encouraging. I absolutely will get this game and love it… sometime next year, once it’s a bit farther along.