Xbox @ 20

Happy Birthday.

Looks like we’re going to have a live event is morning. Expect a lot of surprises and announcements and reveals, like Halo the TV series trailer.

The biggest rumor, almost confirmed at this point, is that the Halo Infinite MP will release today.

It’s crazy it’s 20. I remember the launch vividly, like gazing at an Xbox display unit running NFL Fever at FAO Schwartz. Or people at CompUSA in downtown San Fran buying it.

My favorite Xbox announcement was the 360, when they had the “cool kids” with backpacks bringing it on stage.

What an amazing launch. I know that I’d long been looking forward to Halo since the announcement at the Apple conference, but even then it completely blew away my expectations. The combination of Halo and Project Gotham Racing has got to be the best one-two punch of any console launch. I played those two games for sooooo long, and got so much joy out of both of them for years.


The tech demo was quite cool:

Totally agree with @Rock8man that Halo and PGR were an amazing combo for the launch. Got me into the XBox ecosystem and I haven’t left since.

Good lord that pilot design is awful. Pure garbage.

Robbie Bach is back?

Ha, I like his opening. “You know, when we started Xbox, we were just looking to make a few bucks!”

“We wanted Windows in the living room!”

God, Ed is ancient. I feel old.

I have zero nostalgia for Xbox since I owned zero of the consoles. I’m gone!

I’ve owned each generation, was there at launch for the OG model… and I have no interest in a 6-part documentary about it.

The Rock was funny 20 years ago too. Was cute to see that launch again.

I also always have time for Phil Spencer. He’s been such a great influence on the console.

Will they bring Don back so people can throw eggs at him?

oooh, Backwards Compatibility? Yes!

OMG. They showed the “Well, bam!” movement.

Was hoping they showed the meme-worthy gif of the guy dancing on stage.

That Keanu E3 moment was the utter highpoint of the entire Cyberpunk gaming experience.