Xbox Live November 2011 Update

Figured we could get a thread for the new dash, coming out today. Plus, I couldn’t figure if there was an existing one; if so, it’s buried.

Anyone know when it actually comes out? I tried at midnight and 1am Pacific time, and just now. Zip.

I’ve had the beta update for a couple of weeks. The Metro UI is a lot nicer than the current one. I like that the Home screen’s first block is actually the game disc in the machine. I also like the integration of Kinect with the normal menus. I always thought the separate Kinect screen was a clumsy way to do it.

Any videos or screenshots?

It was supposed to come out at 10am Eastern time, but Major Nelson tweeted that there’s been a delay and he’ll have an update “later today”. Sounds like they ran into some kind of unexpected trouble.

Try this:


I have to say the launching off apps seems very slow, is that normal on the 360? Very weird given the processing power of the machine, but maybe is because they limit the resources available to apps, or maybe is the switch between main OS and app, anyone has some insight on why?

In my experience, it depends on the app. For example, my Netflix app will fire right up. The Hulu+ app takes a few seconds. Hilariously, the worst load times come from the Zune Video app.

Yeah, I hate that Zune video app. It’s the worst. There’s sometimes a way to bypass the zune app and view videos you have on the Xbox through the old videos interface (just choose the file and go) but I forget how I get to that sometimes. I hate viewing videos on the Xbox ever since they switched to that Zune app. When I inadvertently launch Zune, I stare at the TV and yell “Noooooooooo!”

Oh, the thing my kids like the most? Bing search using Kinect. They get endless amusement out of shouting random phrases and seeing what the feature will dig up.

“Xbox Bing ‘gorillas on my face.’”

“Xbox Bing ‘take it to the sandpaper.’”

“Xbox Bing ‘life is a tub of Ewoks.’”

This is what I’m looking forward to. Ads are annoying as always, but not even starting you on the screen where the option for “play the game which is the primary purpose of this machine” is kept is just dumb.

Can’t you still set the machine up to auto-launch games when you boot the system or pop in a new disc? Combine that with auto-sign in and you’ll never see the dashboard if you don’t want to.

Ugh, getting to be late afternoon on the East Coast.

As I understand it, this update was locked down weeks ago. What the hell is the holdup?

Dude, wrong attitude. You want them to fix the fucking thing before it bricks your 360.

Rolling it out to millions of machines? :) Give it a little time…

Only true if you never play downloadable games.

The update should be out for some people now, and rolling out for the rest over the next few hours.

Not showing up in Michigan yet…

Not here in California either.


Updating now…

Not updating here in Loosiana…