Xbox One Elite controller: anyone got one?

Considering one of these or the Razer Wildcat and looking for some people’s impressions.

I have the Elite. I don’t have the Wildcat.

The Elite is awesome. Very sturdy and responsive. My only issue would be that the circular disc they supply for the d-pad (it’s the one you see in promo pictures) is a bit loose on the attachment. I think it’s actually supposed to be that way for fighting game aficionados. The good news is that the normal cross d-pad attachment clicks on solidly and works really well.

The customizable sticks are a nice plus as well. You get three different ones for left and right sticks that comes in varying lengths and with different pads on top. They mimic the functionality of those nubby things you can attach to regular controllers for precision driving etc.

The magnetic underside paddles are terrific. I can’t go back to a controller without paddles.

From what I know the Wildcat doesn’t feature stick options and the d-pad isn’t interchangeable. The Wildcat does have additional mic buttons on it. (Push to talk, stuff like that.) You also get grip stickers to apply to the Wildcat controller.

Also, you could check out SCUF. These guys sort of pioneered this area and showed MS that there was a market for $150 hardcore controllers.

I still want to invest some time into Devil May Cry 4, and I got a sudden desire to buy an Elite controller for those paddle buttons. One of the top combo video creators admitted he used a claw grip with his left hand to be able to press the Dpad (required for the trickiest character) while also moving the left thumbstick. That’s a non-starter for me because I don’t want to kill my hands. The Elite’s paddles would be perfect for that.

I don’t mind spending money on specialty controllers, but it’d be nice if I had more than one game to use it with. (I’m not even sure I’ll get that into it!) Maybe running while looking backwards in the Souls games?

I have one.

It is a luxury item and not a huge upgrade over the xbox one controller.

After using the steam controller paddles, the elite ones were kind of disappointing. They stick out a bit too much and arent really comfortable for me.

Being able to customize the front sections is cool.

Trigger customization is nice.

Grip thing is nice.

For $150 they really should have included at least the charge pack. If you’re a pc user you’re paying $150 for this and then another $50 or so for wireless & charger.

No doubt it is the best gamepad known to mankind, but it is not $100 better than the xbox one gamepad.

It’s comments like these that make me think I’d have to try one first. Who knows where I can do that conveniently.

How’s the software to manage the keybinds? Is it as good as the Steam Controller software?

(At least, as good as the Steam Controller software is supposed to work.)

You can use the rebinding software without the Elite controller. If you have an Xbox One controller already, you can check it out for yourself.

I doubt it’s as powerful as the Steam Controller though. It’s much simpler, not tied into community recommendations and such.

Does the PS4 have anything comparable for same price? Cause that thing looks amazing, and it might even help some of us with carpal tunnel,mbut sadly I’m not on Xbox one.

Nothing from Sony/PlayStation. SCUF offers their take:

Does not look nearly as good as MS’s. Really impressed with Microsoft’s engineering. Now they should make a high quality force feedback steering wheel and force feedback joystick for PC. ;)

FWIW, I love the paddles. I hate games where you have to click or hold down the sticks; I map the paddles to those and it’s great. Also nice as the rudders in Just Cause 3.

Bring back the Sidewinder lineup!

I would kind of assume that the Elite controller doesn’t work with the chat pad, but can anyone with both confirm (or deny) that?

one left in stock at $135 CAD on

I’m pretty sure it does work with it. I remember reading that it did a few months ago, and searching around seems to confirm people saying they tried it and it worked.

this guy says it does

Are these available to try at those Microsoft stores? My goodness, a potential reason for me to shop retail!

Aw damn, now you’re about halfway to selling me on one of these. I hate clicking in the sticks as buttons, that always ends up poorly for me.

From Google, it looks like Scuf is the exclusive source for custom replacement parts like paddles. I bet they will make some low-profile ones. Might help if they bother me like Murbella.

I too hate clicking thumbsticks.

Damn, I’m probably getting one of these in a few months now.

I was going to buy one, until i discovered they didn’t make the thumbstick balls (or whatever they are called) any beefier.

Given my current 3 controllers all have stick drift…figured I wouldn’t be happy when i happened to my $150 controller