Yay, I got my OLPC!

But I don’t have a spare SD memory card and the shops are closed for the evening. I wanted to overwrite it with a different OLPC OS distribution, add VNC viewer to it, then take it to work in the morning and use it in all my meetings.

It’ll have to wait till friday. :(

Edit: Action photos after the jump

Does it still ship w/ a hand crank, or was that just an earlier prototype?

They lost the hand crank a few prototypes ago.


Is it worth the money?

Apparently Intel’s Classmate laptop, which runs Linux or Windows is effectively undermining OLPC around the globe.


Yes, MS is dumping Windows worldwide and 3rd world politicians are falling all over themselves to take it because it confers the appearance of 1st-world high-tech business legitimacy far moreso than does Linux. MS will fuck them in the long run, but that’s capitalism for you. At least MS isn’t giving Brawndo away.

I ordered one for my niece some time in November, wonder when it will show up.

On TWiT they were talking about Brazil, who refused Microsoft’s largesse, because MS used the “drug dealer’s business model” of offering a product for free at first, then charging down the road once the user was hooked (i.e. the cost of switching became prohibitive).

MS sued for defamation, saying they objected to the “drug dealer’s business model.”

Yes, here it is.

Apparently they dropped the suit (according to TWiT) when the official who made the claim called their bluff and said they would have to prove that they didn’t use a drug dealer’s business model in court.

BTW, Roger, when did you order it? I’m thinking of ordering some for a class of mine that starts Jan 11, but I don’t think I’ll get it in time.

I ordered it… oh heck, 12 November or something like that? On the first day they went on sale.

This is the OLPC running the network monitoring software I’ve been writing docs for:

Battery life… it’s down to 15% after running it for 205 minutes with the wireless constantly on. The browser page that it’s on monitors network status, so it constantly refreshes with new data. I’ve only used the backlight for about 20% of the running time, though.

I took this picture to give you some sense of its size.

Your hand is gigantic! Is the other one just like it?

How is the OLPC recharged now?

The red battery warning LED came on. 12% after 3h30m.

That’s a nice watch.

Doh. It just died after 4 hours of use. I left the charger at home, so I guess I’ll post the rest of the pics and do real work for the rest of the day.

The left side has some headphone and microphone jacks and a USB port. The right side has 2 USB ports.

The front side has a microphone, stereo speakers, and a camera. The software does video at about 15 frames per second, but the compression is yucky.

Yes, Mr Bond it is. But I think you will find Q’s toys will not help you here.

At some point in the future, I think all men will be carrying these.

The network neighborhood can’t connect to WPA or WPA2 secured access points out of the box, but you can get it working if you drop to the shell and write a script or two:

AC adapter for us. Foot pedals for Africa.

Your hand is gigantic! Is the other one just like it?

It’s funny you should say that because they ditched the hand crank for a few reasons.

  1. They wanted to avoid disproportionate muscle development. After several years, they figured kids would develop stronger muscles in the arm they use to crank the power supply than the one they didn’t.

  2. They didn’t want kids injuring their wrists and hands. The bones in the hands and wrist are some of the most delicate in the human body, and are even more fragile in children who don’t get proper nourishment.

Portable notepad?
I tried writing some docs with the thing earlier, and while the keyboard is too small to do 10-finger touch typing with adult fingers, you can adapt to 6-finger touch typing quickly enough. Your pinky and ring fingers just sort of dangle in the air daintily as you type.

Can it play Puzzle Quest?