You bought horse armor. You bought loot crates. You'll buy in-game NFTs.

Sure, but the premise being presented that there are none of those people left. You can’t solve the problem of sales drying up by assuming more sales will happen for reasons.

Why share that revenue with the current owners, either? If someone is willing to pay $20 for one of their games, they can just sell it directly themselves.

Oh for sure. It’s just another situation where a Web3 bro describes some amazing new thing or way or operating that doesn’t actually require Web3 in any way. Web3 doesn’t even make it easier, cheaper, or faster. It’s just there to be there.

Crypto stands are just Tankies, and should be hunted for sport.

An excellent point. I was going to make some devil’s advocate argument about the possibility of selling the game used for $20 later makes it more likely people would pay $60 (or more) for it now, but I can’t even really do that with a straight face.

Sharing the revenue with the end user makes some sense, if you only give them Acti-bucks which can only be spent with you so you effectively keep their revenue, and when the user invariably decides they want to play COD again, you get another sale!

Behold the amazing start of the bored ape yacht club game that has crypto fans raving:


To be fair, that looks and plays better than the new Sonic game!

Yuga is valued higher than Bungie? That’s preposterous.

It’s pointless trying to rationalise the valuations of most crypto companies, except the pure service plays (and even them to a certain extent). If bitcoin (and hence other currencies and NFTs) goes to the moon, then they’re worth basically all the money (at least in the mind of the people who invest in them) because it’s all correlated. If it doesn’t, they’re worthless (as we saw with Axie). They’re all speculative plays on the value of crypto. Nobody’s using discounted cashflows to value these companies.

It uses Stadia tech supporting several hundreds of players on the same world, on the same instance. That part is interesting, technologically speaking.

The part that has nothing to do with the blockchain, of course.

Do you have any information about this?

Stadia technology is remote visual/audio/input streaming technology. It doesn’t have anything to do with game architecture, and it doesn’t even guarantee it’s running off of beefy servers either.

It doesn’t.

Just popping in to say this thread title makes me defensive every time I scan it. I did NOT buy horse armor, and have never (nor will never) buy a “loot crate” and I will never buy into NFT’s of any kind. I feel better getting that off my chest.



But he also envisions NFT games that could exploit the wealth gap between players to deliver a different experience. “With the cheap labor of a developing country, you could use people in the Philippines as NPCs (“non-playable characters”), real-life NPCs in your game,” said Kossar. They could “just populate the world, maybe do a random job or just walk back and forth, fishing, telling stories, a shopkeeper, anything is really possible.”

is the key word there.

A 4X game, now with Real Colonization™️! This is so dark.

Epic Games Store has an NFT game on the store.

It looks like neon colored barf.