Your Name (Japanese anime film)

Did anyone go see this yesterday?

I’m curious, is it dubbed? Or Subtitled? I have already seen it, but I’m very tempted to go see it again in a theater. The movie is just so gorgeous, I can imagine it being an even better visual treat in the theater.

It’s a body swap movie, between a boy and a girl. But it’s much more than that too. I highly recommend it.

I am hoping to see this tomorrow.

Just finished it about 15 minutes ago. I really enjoyed it. It was dubbed which disappointed me a little although the voice acting competent. I thought it was beautifully animated and I really like the merging of cell and computer animation.

One of my favourite reviews by Tom is the one he wrote for Gone Home. There are two sentences that he wrote that I absolutely love. In those sentences if you substitute in anime for video games and Your Name for Gone Home, that would accurately describe some of my feelings about the movie.

Glad you enjoyed it.

My only criticism for the movie is one where I’m starting to wonder if it’s just a Japanese thing. It’s a big spoiler, so I’m going to try to bury it in a wall of text here and not make any paragraphs. So if anyone is reading this without watching the movie, stop reading now before your eyes wander farther into this paragraph. I used to think this was a Kojima thing. The way Metal Gear Solid 2 ended. And then it wasn’t the ending and it ended again, and then that wasn’t the ending and it kept going and ended again. The first time it was clever, but the second time it just felt so idiotic to me. At the end of this movie, it felt like we were headed for a very tragic end, and that seemed to bear out. But then it turned out that wasn’t the end, and there was a happy ending that somewhat contracted some of the scenes we felt emotionally a few moments earlier when we were coming to grips with the tragedy of the ending. I don’t know, it just felt a little jarring to me, to pull victory from bittersweetness. Of course, I’ve seen the movie once, so I’m sure now that I’m ready for it, I will be perfectly fine with it on repeat viewings, and as big a hit as this was in Japan, I think a lot of people saw this movie multiple times. I don’t know @marquac, were you bothered by that at all, or is it just me?

Looks like it is showing locally starting tomorrow, both subbed and dubbed.

Re: the ending

Typically Japanese movies (not anime) end on more tragic notes so I found that this was the exception.

Just saw this.

Along with Wolf Children, the best animated movie I’ve seen since a loooong time ago. Heads and shoulders above Pixar stuff and things like that (as much as I like them).

I’m watching it again in a couple of days to clear my head and try to figure out some of the scriptwriting magic they use.

Was it dubbed Spanish over there? Or did you see it subtitled?

I recently saw the English trailer, and it’s not bad, I like the English voices they picked for the two leads.

There are dubbed versions, but I watched it subtitled (advantages of living in a big city). I’m not sure about the Spanish dubbing. Didn’t sound too hot in the trailers.

Oh my goodness this was amazing.

I didn’t know anything about this other than it was well reviewed, anime, and I’ve got a movie pass subscription so it doesn’t take much for me to take a chance on a movie these days.

I went to the theater yesterday intending to see it and realized that the time I showed up for was a dubbed showing, but that they had subtitled showings later. Since I was already at the theater I opted for T2 Trainspotting yesterday, which I was also on the fence about but ended up really enjoying.

I decided I’d see Your Name. if I got around to it today, and almost skipped it for a nap, but talked myself into it (the subtitled version tonight) and I’m so glad I did.

I know anime can be beautiful—I just rewatched both Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. seasons—but this still caught me up in a longing to live in this world from the very start. Far before that’s actually developed as a theme between the characters in the film. Everything was just so gorgeous.

And as for the story itself, it was beautiful and poignant and funny and why am I crying in the theater at an anime by myself on Easter?

Best movie I’ve seen this year so far, sorry Logan.

I don’t want to go to bed, I want to just stay up and keep thinking about this.

Welcome to the club. I saw it again yesterday. The movie has a way of making you care for Taki and Mitsuha so that the second half of the movie becomes heart wrenching.

And the cinematography (shot composition and lighting/color) is gorgeous, yes.

I thought this might be a sappy brainswap romcom, like a mashup of Freaky Friday and The Lake House. I was surprised and pleased that not only was the romance utterly enchanting, but the act III Ticking Clock Chicken Little subplot allowed the pair to be not only potential lovers but potential heroes. Just like Rick and Ilsa in my all-time favorite movie!

Yeah, the movie, and the marketing materials, do an excellent job of not really telling you what you are going to see. The mid point reveal and subsequent string of reveals and stakes rising works fantastically thanks to that.

Glad to hear that this movie is actually good! I know the Japanese over here just nuts about it but I figured it was probably one of those things that you need to be Japanese to appreciate. Glad I was wrong.

Hi, I found the ending of Logan too sad to handle. Can I watch this movie without becoming an emotional wreck forever?

For comparison’s sake:

Star Wars: A New Hope - Happy!
Star Wars: Rogue One - Barely happy enough to enjoy!
Logan - Slightly too sad to enjoy!
Dancer in the Dark - I will never forgive my girlfriend for making me watch this

Yes, you can. Also recommend Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars.

Solid recommendations. Excellent stuff.

Was Summer Days with Coo any good?

These movies and most Studio Ghibli movies embody the homesickness of natsukasii