Your pre-release wall of shame

That was a very entertaining (and educative, if you don’t know anything about anything like me) read.

Yeah, thanks for the detailed post @ArmandoPenblade. Especially in a list thread. You went above and beyond for our reading pleasure and we appreciate it.

Happy to be of service, gents :)

Now, the real question is: how many of these products have I actually used/seen/played? :(

That’s a discussion for the backlog threads. We don’t need any of that in here!

You know this releases in 6 days, right? :)

It does? Wow, you must actually read those updates!

I’m not familiar with the classic games, so I’m not sure why I backed this one. It must have been Qt3 peer pressure. Or it must be turn-based. I’m a sucker for supporting turn-based combat in an RPG.

I can’t speak for the influence of QT3 peer-pressure, but the combat is indeed turn-based.

Nope! I thought Kingmaker was my only upcoming release I’m definitely not going to play before Christmas. Huzzah, though :)

It’s always reassuring to know there are even more games you could be playing right now but aren’t.

Excellent! The next step in my master plan is to stop supporting Real Time with Pause games. Hopefully I’ll remember that and Pillars of Eternity 2 will be the last RTwP game I’ll ever own/back.

Wow, my list from 2014 is amusing. Only 2 real gems from a list of 36ish:
Craft the World
Rim World

A handful of decent games:
Age of Decadence,
War for the Overworld
Steam Bandits
Clockwork Empires

And the rest, just not great, didn’t grab me, or out-right failed projects.

My current list shows I haven’t learned my lesson completely, but have gotten a little choosier:
Project Zomboid
Stranded Deep**
The Withering
Rogue Harvest
Rise to Ruins
Shasher’s Keep
Quest Hunter
Low Magic Age
Shards of Azuria
Oxygen Not Included
Signs of Life
They are Billions**
My Time at Portia
Book of Demons**
Shoppe Keep 2
Slay the Spire
It Lurks Below

** - these are games that are already very good, and I feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth during EA. Will only get better.

Slay the Spire is the best (deckbuilding) game on PC at the moment.

BDIV is out. I got my Steam key yesterday! :)

Yep! If I’d just waited an extra week before posting, I coulda had an even better success percentage, damn :)

And Kingmaker is apprently out next week, which will leave me with just 4 projects out of 21 under development, and the 4 failures. Some people might say it’s 5 under development, but we both know that’s what happening with Star Citizen isn’t actually meaningfully advancing us to the point where a real game exists. . .

Star Citizen is never - ever - going to be a “game” of any kind. Like ever.

Older I become, it seems the more pre-order/early access self control I have.

Here is what’s still pending:

On Steam:
Godhood (Early Access)
Subnautica Below Zero (Early Access)
Age of Wonders: Planetfall (SOON)

Not on Steam:
Starsector (Starfarer) maybe 2021?
Star Citizen … sigh.

Kickstarted, no game yet:
Ray’s the Dead
Beautiful Desolation
Darkside Detective Season 2
Nighthawks - The Vampire RPG

My list back in 2014 was most impressive.

I almost never partake in preorders or kickstarters. Only one I’ve done in over a year is current;

On Steam:
Age of Wonders: Planetfall (8/6/19)

Only reason I went for that was for a good deal and knowing I’d buy the game, regardless.

Yep, I forgot I pre-orded that before the Steam sale.

I’ve cut right back too. The only pre-order I have atm is Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Switch.

The only Early Access games are legacy that will probably never leave cough7 Days to Diecough. I avoided early access nearly all together this year.

I do have a few boardgames on the list, but I recently managed to avoid adding even more so progression on that front too!

Most of my list has either come out, or been removed (dead). My current list has 19 games that I feel confident will all launch successfully!

Stranded Deep
Rise to Ruins
Slasher’s Keep
Low Magic Age
Signs of Life
Factory Town
Project Zomboid
Workers & Resources Soviet Republic
Farmer’s Dynasty
Sim Airport
Solace Crafting
Between the Stars