Zodiac Legion: the game I spent my 7 last years on, will air its debut trailer on June 5th for the Guerrilla Collective

You got me derailed for some time with your Deity Empires recommendation :D

Haha, I’m still waiting for them to release their first DLC and then I’ll be diving back in on that.

I published a small combat demo for the Gamescom on the steam page of the game. It is still very very rough (ex: you have to set the resolution manually in a config file), but it should show the vision for the tactical part of the game.


As there is no tutorial, you can find the manual here:

@Galdred, don’t be shy, sharing is caring. :)

Well, @Galdred, based on the let’s play above, you’ve taken this to heart. According to this guy playing the demo, you’ve absolutely nailed this part of it. The game looks great and I can’t wait for this to come out.

Thank you guys!
There is still an awful lot to do, but his video was really uplifting for us to watch!
I am thinking about adding an extra sound effect for characters falling down, and maybe some screenshake on critical hits, but I am pretty sure the latter also needs a menu option to disable it :D

Congrats on Splattercat featuring you. That’s quite a get. 60k views hopefully amounts to some wishlisting

Splattercat says there’s not tutorial or explanation for the game at the beginning of his vid. It sounds like he isn’t aware that there’s a manual in one of the demo’s folders.

Splatty ain’t got time for that

I’m still not sure about how to make a tutorial that doesn’t make the player want to commit Seppuku.
I almost gave up on Solasta because of their long winded tutorial, and XCOM 1 tutorial that forces you to lose 75% of your squad was also facepalm territory…
Battle Brothers doesn’t really have one, and players learnt through tooltips or trial and error.
I would like to have some kind of “Danger room” with training scenarios without hand holding or something like that, combined with some in game help pages.

I can confirm that I despise tutorials and never manage to get through them before giving up on the game. If possible, I would prefer what the newer Civs do - an advisor, a detailed encyclopedia of game mechanics, and detailed tooltips for everything.

Yes, that seems like a good way to do it. The advisor is a great idea!

You could just have a separate tutorial campaign which people can skip if they do not want to do it. Also it could have chapters detailing different mechanics so that players can pick and choose what tutorials they want.

Psst! Do you want to hear about an impressive strategy game?

Yes, I was thinking about either having a “danger room” (like in XMen), or short training scenarios.

Thank you for the find!

Here’s a nice and long new interview with @Galdred about Zodiac Legion. One question I didn’t see asked was when the game would go into beta. Nevertheless, there a lot of great info about the game and its development in there. This remains one of my most anticipated upcoming games (along with Songs of Conquest).

We planned to launch in June, but there are a bit too many issues to address for it to be a realistic launch date, and I will move back to France at that time, so it won’t be ideal for post launch support either.
It is not set in stone yet, but we will probably release the Early access in november 2022.
I’m glad to announce that the game will release on GoG at the same time.

Thank you for supporting GoG. I’ll keep an eye there for Zodiac Legion!

You can try, but you can’t hide, @Galdred!

Thanks! We made it as part of our submission for indiecade, but we thought it would as well go there. ☺️

We’ll be at digital dragons next week(16-17) in Krakow.
I’ll try to update some of our latest changes to the steam demo for the online version of the event, but there is still a lot of cleaning up/bugfixing to do.