2017 Frame Game


Chrono Trigger?




Master of Orion 2?


monkey island remastered ?


Frame 2:


Day of the Tentacle?


Starcon 2?


Space Quest 1 VGA Remaster?


Frame 3:


Some Rock’n’Roll Racing menu?


Commander Keen


The Simpsons Bart vs. Space Mutants.


Sorry guys, forgot to post earlier:


Quiz Ultraman vs Metropolis


Looks like I might lose this one… :/ I’ll leave it open another day or so for guesses.


No clue! :D


Utopia: The Creation of a Nation

This thing was tickling my brain from the first screen but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why or what it was. Wasn’t until seeing the full thing (and staring at it, leaving it, coming back to stare at it some more) that I thought maybe it was a game I had rented in the 90s for the SNES. A strategy game which, had I known, I wouldn’t have even rented. That’s the reason I even remember it at all, because when I got it home I was annoyed as hell. It was one of a handful of games at my small town’s rental place (Video Safari) that didn’t have a box. It was just sitting in a rental case. So I couldn’t look at screenshots or read a description on the back of the box. I was stuck with that game for a whole weekend. Ugh.

Maybe it’s a good game, I don’t know. But I absolutely loathed playing city builders and stuff like that on a controller back then. Anyway, I couldn’t think of the name and had to comb through Mobygames’ strategy section to find it.


D: I loved that game, but that has to be 25 years ago that I last played it. Sure as heck didn’t remember that screen.

For battles, you sent your tiny tanks off map. And got a battle stats screen after it was over.


You guys are correct. Full frame is already there so please continue with the game. :)


Never heard of that thing. SNES to boot?