2017 Frame Game


If someone had said FF XIII, I would have considered it wrong. XIII-2 is its own beast. :)

And FF IX is a very different game that looks very different as well, so yeah, would not happen. ;)


Yeah, if it’d been 9, I’d have figured on it being a cutscene. Though I guess that might not have included the speech bubbles.





I can’t imagine WoW hasn’t been done yet, but I’ll say WoW 'cause it looks kinda like WoW.


Hyrule Warriors?


No correct guesses yet, but we’re starting to get warmer.


Dark Age of Camelot?


Doh, got busy this weekend I guess. I was going to say that after the first pic. Still not sure it is correct, but sure looks like it could be (that symbol may be a cloak).




It’s not DAoC, @Kelan might be on to something though.


I know I have seen that symbol before. I even checked the emblems from DAoC after and didn’t see that one.

How about Warhammer Online?


I’ve seen a similar symbol in Guild Wars 1, but I don’t recognize the place, so I didn’t guess it. I’m just waiting for now. :)


Lord of the Rings Online?


Gothic 2?


in game cinematic from Warcraft 3?



Perhaps this frame was a bit tricky, given that it was taken from a cinematic perspective. Honorable mention goes to @Gordon_Cameron’s guess of World of Warcraft. Aside from sharing the same franchise, WoW was actually built from Warcraft III’s graphics engine. As @Kelan suspected, the symbol is indeed located on a cloak, in this case belonging to Jaina Proudmoore.


Huzzah! Though I also thought it was WoW at first.

Apologies for the delay, frame #1:


Dungeon Siege?


The Witcher 1?