2017 Frame Game


Age of wonders Shadow Magic?


Far Cry…uh… Primal? Hell, if it’s one of them, it could be any of the recent ones.

Edit: Derp. Just realized it’s in 4:3.


Nope, another frame:


Planescape: Torment?


Erm… Titan Quest?


Time for the interface:




This looks a bit like a not as good looking Disciples 2… with the interface of the first game oO
Obviously not the right answer!


Sacred’s as good a guess as anything I can think of at the moment.


Divine Divinity?


To me, that dude clearly looks like a WW2 German RTS guy. Yet I don’t remember any WW2 games with dinosaurs in it that aren’t Dino D-Day.

I will guess Dungeon Siege 2.


Errrr, what dude? You’ve somehow seen the future frame!
No right guesses thus far, another frame:


Is that Nox?


I could see where that pile of rocks could look like a German infantry dude.

I have no idea on the game. It looks like superheroes fighting dinosaurs.


Now I have really no idea what this is, which eases me up, as the previous snapshot was making think I just couldn’t put a name on it.


Divine Divinity?


Hmmm, it seems more hints are needed … our dude has a portrait:


Temple of Elemental Evil?


Konung 2? That portrait stirred something in my brain from not long ago.

Edit: Cheat codes thread updated. Only a few away from the big 500. Maybe whoever posts that one can make it something special.