2017 Frame Game


Gone Home?


Good guess, but no. I think people are going to be a bit surprised and/or annoyed when they figure out what it is. :D


Yakuza something or other. Say Yakuza 5


Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA?


I thought about that one too @rhamorim. Because isn’t that also a Sega game?

But I know literally nothing about them other than the name, so opted to go elsewhere.


Not sure what is making me say this, but Ultima IX: Ascension? Maybe light from the computer about to suck you into the world…


Yup. And I think I saw a screenshot somewhere that had a room much like that one, but it’s a wild guess. I haven’t played it myself.

And I expect it to be a SEGA game, because I doubt a non-SEGA game would have a Golden Axe poster in there. ;)


Sega Genesis Classics menu screen


SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics. I literally just booted it the other day when I connected my Brix Pro to my TV.


Maaan. Sorry, @nijimeijer , but @Ryan_Kelly just barely snuck in before you.

It is indeed the newest version of the Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Classics menu on Steam. It’s really awesome, actually. Really makes you feel like you’re there, playing the games on an actual console and CRT. It’s so much fun. It zooms in on various elements of the interface. The only thing I wish it had was full first-person control to walk around and look around this little bedroom, rather than being restricted to specific scripted movements. It only has those games, because those are literally the ones I own on Steam. If you had a bigger collection, those shelves would be more filled in. It’s so cool. You can change the time of day, all kinds of fun things. I’d really like to try it in VR some day.

Here’s a random video of it I just found on youtube to show you.


Man I don’t remember that! Last time I played it was just a menu selection, not some neat VR room. When did they do that?


Uh, some time in early-ish 2016. I forget when. I really love it.

Edit: By the way, one of the coolest things is that they opened up Steam Workshop for it. You can play all kinds of crazy romhacks and fan translated roms through it now. There are also guides to add other games to the thing, that you don’t own through Steam. Etc. Etc.


@nijimeijer Would you like to take my turn? You were only a couple seconds off and I’ve already gone recently.


Heh, no, go for it. Yours landed first!


Just gonna stick a little " @Ryan_Kelly " here so he gets notified and knows you don’t want the turn, ;)



Freedom Force?




Jesus man.



I guess some games leave a mark in your brains…

Figured I had to take out the filter before grabbing snaps in my configuration, so rejoice! scanlines filters haters!