2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


An understandable guess, but no - not The Chaos Engine.



Alex better guess it or he will be disgraced forever!


I know what it is and that’s a low blow, I’m leaving it to @Left_Empty and off to listen to Paranoid Android by Radiohead.


Still no correct answers posted!


You people who keep saying things like “I know it” need to go re-read the first post. Guess so the rest of us don’t keep looking at stuff we don’t know!



twas paradroid. Some weirdo once claimed it was the bestest game ever. Pffrrt!


Sorry for the delay. No, it is not Paradroid.



The more you reveal, the less it helps!


Looks kinda like a submarine, but I know zero about sub games. I’m gonna guess Hunt for Red October, because surely there was a game named that at some point.


He’s being obtuse, give it to @Left_Empty


It’s been a while since I played, we used to award it to the most accurate title, but yeah I think @Left_Empty has it down. ;)

Still, names are important. This is Paradroid:


And this is Paradroid 90:

Incidentally, this is legitimately one of my favourite games ever - both versions, including the Spectrum version Quazetron. The actual gameplay mechanics are timeless, I’d love to see a modern Indie “remake”.


I don’t want to win that way!

Actually, I do, because I got a cool one up next!


You should try “Streets of Rogue”. One of the classes you could play allows you to morph into the other classes and NPCs. It’s pretty cool, gave me a paradroid deja vu moment.


Yes but can you morph into a dalek and start blasting the shit out of everything? Because that’s Paradroid 90 to me. :)

And Left_Empty’s screen is very familiar to me. I can’t remember the name of it, but that font is very recognisable. If it comes to me, I’ll let you know.


It is a characteristic font!



God you guys play some weird shit