2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Carmen San Diego was a school program too?! They were trying to sell it to us as a real adventure game on the Megadrive here!

Learning is the real adventure.

All I seemed to learn was where in the world was Carmen San Diego :-/

@rhamorim Poke! You’re up.

Orc Massage

Mavis Beacon teaches typing

I know! I’ll post something later today.

Is it Orc Massage?

Of course… not! Or is it?

Darkest Dungeon?

A great guess, but no.


Is that one out yet? I guess you can tell it’s not that. ;)

Second frame!

Rogue Legacy 2?

Indeed, it is Rogue Legacy 2!

I’m having tons of fun with this one. Looks great, sounds great, plays great, runs are usually quick enough to not get boring, and the “one more run” is strong with this one. Super enjoyable game that I like a lot more than its predecessor, and for me one of the best roguelikes released in recent times.

I’m gladley you got it, bradley! Your turn!

New frame new frame new frame:

Can you get it from a crosshair and an FPS counter?

That’s 114 FPS over my comfort zone.

Fine, you may have some environment.

Gunfire Reborn