2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Oh man, sorry guys, I kept meaning to post this yesterday but I wasn’t at home almost at all with errands to run. Here is shot number 4!

Druidstone: something something?


I can’t believe no one has played this around here! Here is the final frame.

Must be the new King Arthur game from Neocore? King Arthur: Knight’s Tale?

You got it!

@rhamorim Poke. You’re up.

That is hilarious because I put around 60 hours into that game and last played less than a month ago :-)

I knew I recognized the character portraits but I guess I couldn’t recall where.

@robc04 is all like, I played it 60 hours… I remember exactly what it looks like, lol.

Love populous

Yup. I’ll post something early morning tomorrow. Busy weekend ;)

Did somebody mention Populous? ;)

Here we go!

Is it Populous?

Is it Shopulous?


Copulous answers.