A new direction for Dawn of War 3


From what I see and read, it’s giving me the feeling it’s going closer to DoW1 than DoW2. They will still have some customization + loot (because people love that) and heroes, but otherwise it seems a sequel to DoW1.


Everyone up on their 40k lore, where did you learn it all from? I have played a few of the PC games, but don’t feel like I know the ins and outs. Did you learn it from the tabletop games? I think I heard somewhere the 40k fiction novels are crap, but are there good ones that are lore heavy?


That’s potentially good news for me. I didn’t care for DOW2 at all.


Nice shots!

As for the gameplay, I think you’re right. They’re really emphasizing the armies. I think this is going to look a lot more like CoH2 than DoW2.


I’m actually ok with that. As long as I can turn down the difficulty and enjoy the show. I’m terrible at most RTS’s but will always make an exception for DoW.

Edit: As to the lore, yes I learned the bulk of my 40K lore from playing the tabletop game and a year I spent working at GW HQ when it was here in MD.


I bought the first ed. 40k and a bunch of White Dwarfs around that time (school D&D club), forgot about it other than a bit of toilet reading until the mid 90s, when the first 40k novels appeared. Since then Ive bought nearly everything BL have released on the fluff side of things so probably inhabit the upper echelons of lore nerdom.

The game I dont play, nor can as Im not a millionaire (£100 for a tiny fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand Knight), nor have tolerance for teenagers and their lack of personal grooming but I pop in to buy the books and gawp at the incredible prices these parents can afford.


Imperial Knights are the Games Workshop riposte to Warmachine’s inexplicable popularity. “The kids like big robots, eh?” said Games Workshop executives, taking a break from fondling their piles of cash.


To be fair to GW knights have existed in the fluff since the original epic scale Titan Legions games. It’s just they’ve done bugger all with them for a very long time. If anything they were probably copying Battletech more than Warmachine.


Wouldn’t the Titans (at least the small ones) be more in scale with Battletech mechs? The Knights seem like a way to bridge the scale of Titans with the infantry action (e.g., Space Marines). You can put down a big unit, without it’s foot being the size of an army.


What I love about Turin’s screenshots is how sneaky Relic is with the camera. It seems like you’ll be able to put more units on the screen, but no one plays at that low angle.

Still my biggest annoyance with them. Just let me zoom out a little more!


I like the art style we’ve seen - very bright, colorful, contrast-y graphics that should make it easier to identify unique units. One problem I had with DoW2 was while it was a good looking game, the maps were very cluttered and “dirty” and the units tended to blend in with many of the terrain types.


The first screenshot he posted fits my memories of the default camera zoom/position in Dawn of War 2. My memory may be playing tricks though.


Speaking of which, did they ever fix it so the rain in DoW2 didn’t make identifying your units near impossible in the heat of action? Originally it wasn’t like that, but one of the patches late last year(?) over did the rain a bit.


AFAIK the knights as a concept were originally introduced as a unit type for the game systems that GW termed EPIC scale (first of which was Adeptus Titanicus). Your common infantry man came in bases that contained five fiddly little troops about 1mm in height, Knights or the equivalent were around the size of todays normal 40k infantry (about 35mm) and the largest class of model in the games were the eponymous titans themselves. Unfortunately these games are now largely unsupported (although possibly coming back), and the knights as a concept languished in the fluff presumably due to slightly goofy background.

FWIW the smallest class of titan the warhound weighs around 400 tonnes and has a crew of three so a fair bit larger than the biggest of mechs in the Battletech universe (this according to the 40k Lexicanum wiki, even i am not sad enough to be able to dredge that up from memory!)


Man, you’re crazy. Relic does some of the best CGI intros. I watched that and now I want to kill a thousand xenos. (Is that bad?)

The way they did the three factions and the armored units was kind of weak though.


I really liked the organic look of the Eldar wraithbone on the banshees and titans.

The Dawn of War intro by Blur Studios is still one of the best ever.


I had no idea DOW3 was coming out until I saw an advert for it on GMG.

Seems they’re sticking with Marines/Eldar/Orkz ?


I was poking around and came across the Official DoW3 website and a cinematic trailer that was released today. Neat!


Yeah, that one is probably one of my favorites but this one is damn good, too. I loved seeing the journey of the Space Marine to the afterlife, from defiance to enlightenment to happy acceptance. So well done!


I suppose a good part of the old Relic talent moved on after THQ implosion, because somehow, CoH 1 looked better than the DoW 3 video, despite CoH being 10 years older! And god the performance, when you have slowdowns in your freaking marketing video you have a problem with your engine.