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Well, going to be hard for television in general to top that. Almost as hard as waiting until… mid-April for it to return!? How man “mid-seasons” is this going to get?!


I didn’t particularly like most of the latest episode. They play up how dangerous the LMDs are, and yet they’re laughably easy to beat. The Fitz-LMD lets Jemma crawl around and get the drop on him, the Director-LMD doesn’t simply break Daisy’s limbs and carry her away, and the Coulson-LMD hands over explosive control to an un-re-programmed Maybot. Pretty much none of the suspense held up for me, and without that it’s just 40 minutes of mediocrity. On the other hand, the preview bits about what we’re gonna see in the Framework looks awesome.


It’s like the ghost of Christmas past, from the future!


Anyone else call it the minute the text was shown?


Last night’s return was wonderful, freaking magical. Also, the title (“What If…?” was inspired.


[quote=“Scott_Lufkin, post:945, topic:72557”]freaking magical

Good to know that Tahiti is still a magical place!


I don’t know if you saw it or if that was a super lucky guess…


I believe they wrote this entire arc as an excuse to get Brett Dalton back. And I love the guy, so I’m okay with it.


I saw It! And it was amazing. Up to and including the Madame Hydra reveal.


This is my favorite show on TV right now. They have so much stock built up in these great characters and the people who play them are all obviously enjoying with what they’re doing. Tuesday night’s Daisy moment with May to end the program was fantastic with that wry smile as the cocoon closed in. And The Patriot! Noooooooo! I thought he was an awesome twist on superhero politics!

Fitz’s turn as a villain is heartbreaking…


This exactly. I don’t know when it happened, but I remember even late last season being more excited for when Agents came on than even Flash or Arrow. Just the best super hero show on TV right now, and has been for a good while.


Improbably enough, renewed!


Great news! I’ve been very happy with this season. Will this mean it will have to tie together with the Inhumans series, I wonder?


Still my favorite current show and it gets better every week.


The actress who plays AIDA deserves all the money she makes, and more. This past week’s episode, with the puppy dog love turned to searing hate was incredible.


Oh yeah, she was just amazing.

Best line of the show came from my son; at one point Aida was looking out over the sea, wistfully. My son, providing her next line, goes “I’ve been offered a job in Pawnee. As a reporter.” It was probably a “had to be there” moment but I laughed good at that one.


I saw it on Clark Gregg’s Facebook page and immediately thanked him in the comments for all the hard work. I love this show and I’ve been with it from the start. I hope they get at least two more after this one! Just love the actors and the situations they keep putting these characters in.

“Oh my god I’m Ward…”


I miss Trip


Me too. I mostly miss Bobbi and Hunter though - that really bums me out, especially since from what I understand they only left the show to do their own spin off, which then didn’t work out, so they are just gone now. :(


Bobbi and Hunter are the two biggest losses, IMO. I was really digging The Patriot this season too, though. I’m glad we got a little more Ward, especially good guy Ward. That’s the thing about Agents, there have been so many cool characters on the show that have come and gone. Deathlok is another one!