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I can completely agree with this statement, which is why I don’t agree that this season is the show at its best.

My only hope right now is that they know when their final season is in time to give it decent ending.


Guess we find out if androids go to Hell…


So Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 5 won’t air until after the 8 episode run of Inhumans this fall, at which point Agents will take over its time slot. Which is Fridays at 9:00.

So uh, enjoy what will almost certainly be its last season.


Why would that make it the last season?

EDIT - Oh, you mean because it’s moving to Fridays. I actually suspect otherwise though - assuming it does well enough for Disney to warrent it, I think the Inhumans/Agents power double hour could end up being amazing for a few years. Moving shows to Friday isn’t the kiss of death it once was.


Sorry I worded that poorly, they’re not running back to back on the same night. Inhumans runs for 8 weeks at 9 on Friday, then it’s done and S.H.I.E.L.D. starts its season taking that 9 on Friday slot.

It doesn’t sound like a vote of confidence for either show, but I guess anything’s possible.

I am also just assuming these 8 episodes are all we’ll ever see of the capital-I Inhumans. They’ve never described it as a miniseries, but the extremely short season and IMAX stunt always gave me a one-and-done vibe.


Close enough…


Is the pilot only in IMAX or will we get it on TV too?


TV too, but the movie is out sooner and then re-airs as the first three or something episodes.


Also, AOS is getting a full 22 episode run. In some ways this is better because there shouldnt be a huge 2-3 month hiatus in the middle of AOS’ season. And yeah, Friday isnt the guaranteed death slot it used to be.


I just finished watching the season finale, and overall, I really liked it.

[spoiler]Ghost Rider was suitably badass, and the temporary jump into Coulson to set up the trap was awesome. I wonder what Robbie and Phil meant about the demon only agreeing to the deal because of something about Phil…

And the end? What the hell was that all about? Are they in space because of Attilan? If, as @WhollySchmidt says and AoS isn’t airing until after the Inhumans runs, then it would make sense to drop that as a teaser. They were kidnapped by the Royal Family, and taken to space because Inhumans.[/spoiler]


Yeah, a fantastic capper to a fantastic season.

I suspect in regards to your question it may be tied to S.W.O.R.D. - SHIELDs counterpart that guards space. Or the origin of it, maybe. Just a guess, otherwise it’s some sort of prison for very dangerous people, and Colson and Co. are considered dangerous enough to keep there. One of those two things! Or maybe your third thing!


So, was the solution to “unbeatable” Aida the first ever devil ex machina?


Yes, though you make it sound like a bad thing?

She could be hurt by the same dark matter that created her, which is what Ghost Rider seemed to be made of. He probably comes from whatever dimension the Darkhold comes from, I imagine. It’s not much different than Kryptonite hurting Superman.


And wouldn’t that be demon ex machina? There is a major difference between demons and devils. It’s like you’re calling someone from Japan, Korean. It’s just wrong, man.


I used devil to contrast with Deus(god). Did not think demon was as effective a joke…


I figured, I was just having a little fun with the concept, for laughs. Kind of an over the top politically correct thing.


Agents of SHIELD, somewhere around season 3 or 4, became my favorite show on TV and remains there to this day. Recently, ABC president Channing Dungey was interviewed by IGN and had this to say regarding AoS:

No question! That’s good to hear, I know the ratings don’t always look great for that show, but it seems ABC is pleased with it (and the effects budget was obscene last season, so it must be doing well). I’m really glad we’ll get the full season without two mini-breaks between story pods this year, though.


I wish more programming went like this. They tend to run half a season, take a really long break and then finish up the season usually with a few mini breaks in the for good measure. Give us the full run over a reasonable stretch and then run the replacement series either at the beginning of the season, ( like with Inhumans ) or at the end of the season.


So S.H.I.E.L.D. won’t wait until January, it will start right after Inhumans, but they’re also saying it will be “mostly uninterrupted”. I don’t know exactly what that means.