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I will say Runaways made me appreciate S.H.I.E.L.D.’s basic competence in production quality, something I didn’t realize I took for granted.


This season is not doing it for me as well as last season, but it’s early yet. Last season they had 3 “pods” of episodes and all 3 were good. Even if this current mini-arc does not do it for me I expect that it will lead to more.


Seconded. As much as I like the CW super-hero shows (and Supernatural, of course) and as many other great programs are out there, this one is consistently amazing and fun and the one I look forward to the most.


Hmm I thought I had a comment here but I can’t seem to find it. Anyway, I just wanted to agree that this season is fantastic and the writers and actors are really hitting in out of the park. AOS is that rare show that instead of getting repetitive and tired, has actually improved with every new season. I feel it is now the best Marvel property on TV, Netflix series included.


Are they still planning to do three mini-arcs this season? If so, we’re due for an arc finale this week!


Just wrapping up last season. They really went full on committing to the setup for the Matrix, err Framework. It was nice that they brought back some old characters for it too.

I gotta say, though, I’ve lost track of what’s going on in the ‘real’ world at this point. Aided, of course, by a 3 month break in my watching.


Oh man… to have all those surprises in the third segment from last year all over again. Wow! Enjoy!


Yeah, they just had Skye and crew exit, and Aida had her Pinnochio moment.

But they have full on embraced the crazy and absurd, mostly to the shows benefit. Who needs a team of realistic street level heroes when you can include sentient AIs who construct an alternate reality and use a magical doomsday book to transfer her consciousness to a real body and become human so she can go kill people.

Or ancient body swapping aliens who are worshiped as a god by Hydra, essentially cribbing whole scale from Lovecraft.

And don’t forget all this is mixed in with muta… err inhumans who have actual magical superpowers granted by smashing crystals.

Like if you were to pitch a show saying it would be all of that, you would sound like a crazy person.


And this season ups the crazy even more.


It most certainly does, and it’s quite a fun ride.


I’m really enjoying it. I hope they will be able to have another season after this one. I think it has really hit its stride now. The cast is also just super solid.


It’s a shame that some people never came back after the less than stellar start. Those meh episodes that sorta connected with the Marvel Universe, I dunno if it was possible to do better, but if there’s something that Lost and the Walking Dead showed is that if you grab viewers from the start, chances are you’ll grab them for a long while.


Still my favorite show of the week, of all the TV I watch.

My son hopes we get at least one more season in a post-FOX/Disney world that might tie some mutants in with the inhumans, or something similarly epic. Hey, you never know.


They can’t even tie the show back to the properties they’ve had control over the whole time—they gave up on that long ago. I wouldn’t hold my breath for mutants to suddenly make an appearance on the show of any kind, and certainly not anyone high profile.


This show…

Please, anyone with even mild interest, it’s just the best thing on TV. Last week was insane! Absorbing Man is back! Episode 100 tonight!


Atlanta is the best show on TV right now.


I’ll watch that eventually. It does look good, but SHIELD is just the best right now. I am so stoked for tonight’s episode because Coulson will reveal what his deal was with the Ghost Rider which apparently has major implications since he’s dying.

Last week… Yo Yo’s loss… Man… that was so brutal. This show has characters that have grown and changed so much since the start. It’s been amazing to watch and has shown how talented the entire cast is. It feels more like a comic book than ever with the pods they’ve been doing too. I think they’ve really hit on something that comic book shows should look at for the future on television. Comics often have two or three issue arcs and then move on and that’s how SHIELD has been the last two seasons especially. Pod two is starting now so it’s a great time to get onboard.


I loved the Deke scenes. :)

Was that black armor girl someone from the comics?


Her name is Ruby and I have no recollection of her from the comics and the only two “Ruby” characters from the books don’t really fit the bill. She may be a creation specifically for the show?

I thought the performance by Dane Cameron was superb and the character is obviously a serious force.

Deke coming back was awesome! I was so glad we didn’t lose that character. I think he’s been a great addition this season.


I think they just invented her, like Kasius, Sonara, and the Chronicons. I think they’re being given some leeway in creating what they need when they can’t use an existing thing.