Alita: Battle Angel - Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron, anime eyes


I thought she was an entirely CG creation.


Yeah, she actually is - mocap, anyway.


Comic-Con trailer


I completely forgot this movie even existed! Curious to see if it’ll fade away like Jupiter Rising / Ghost in the Machine or actually make an impact.


I guess I thought that it had already come and gone.

This trailer seemed pretty good to me, compared to the previous ones. Did they dial back the eye-size a bit?


It seems like it, by just a smidge (I watched the video in the OP which had a couple of the same scenes just to compare).


I’m glad I saw the whole movie in that trailer so I don’t need to watch it in the theater.


I wish James Cameron wasn’t so focused on making Avatar sequels that he could direct Alita. After watching the tedious Sin City 2, I can’t say I have much faith in Robert Rodriguez delivering a good film. It’s impressive he landed such a huge movie after Sin City 2 bombed.


He’s very creative (Rodriguez) but yeah, I’d say we are in “Last Chance” territory with him.

I liked Sin City 2, will give him a chance. This big eyes thing looks terrible though. I bet it gets a lot of gruff about that.


On a scale of 1 to 3 billy goats, about how much you think?


The only acceptable answer, given the 7-9 scale, is 2. 2 Billy Goat Gruffs.


So this is going to be volumes 1 and 2… So basically what the anime covers. Hopefully it will be better paced.

Damn, I’m going to want a volume 3 sequel. Also I wonder whether they’ll keep volume 2’s ending (it’s good).


There was a new trailer for this recently.

They’ve toned down the eyes quite a bit.


Christ. Every single time the trailer focused on her face it pulled me out of it. Those oversized eyes still make her look like a damn Bratz doll.


The eyes don’t bother me. But when people want to complain about something…


Anyone here given you the impression they’re only complaining because they want to?


Hey, there’s motorball footage on that trailer. Yay!

I am excited about this one now…


I have had the chance to assist to a preview screening. I am quite surprised that I really enjoyed the movie. The eyes’ uncanniness were a bother for about a couple of seconds. I still would have preferred the actress’ (who is pretty darn cute) real face there, but her performance given the weird circumstances is through and through. Gary Alita also isn’t computer-motioned (pardon my Frecnh) like some Pixar movie character, which gives her much more presence than most things spawned in, say, some Lucas or Marvel movie (that’s the only points of reference I have, my knowledge of recent movies is fairly limited). The exception being of course the obligatory CG extravaganza every half hour, as is enforced by the law it seems.

The next part is slightly spoilerish, as I’ll discuss some relation between the movie and the original works — but I’ll be avoiding real spoilers of the movie itself.
Christoph Waltz is, I thought, amazing, although he is given a much easier, unambiguous role compared to what a tortured man Ido is in the manga. The movie is, overall, very distinct from its source material: very hollywoodian — the world they live in is far from the dark, devastated and decadent existential horror of the manga; there are even a couple of narrative blunders because of that — and very Cameronian, the story revolving around simple emotions. It isn’t a failure though: it may be slightly dumb and quite remote from the source material, but in my case it worked in part because even hollywoodized, Gary’s character (before, Kishiro himself sadly finished butchering her in Last Order) was so strong it carries over.
The part I liked the least were the very amateurishly edited flashback sequences. They were few, yet I always felt them unneeded — but, full disclosure, I am also very familiar with the original work, having worked on it professionally for years, so I can’t put myself in place of a new audience. Those sequences were also 100% CGs, a departure from the relatively much more organic nature of the rest of the movie.
Finally, I wouldn’t go in expecting to see some otherworldly or groundbreaking Panzerkunst action: excepting for a couple of very fast moves, Gary is just kungfuing around, sadly.

There are more details I want to discuss, but when more people will have seen it, and hopefully when Tom, Dingus and Kelly go see it. (I can’t wait for a foul-mouthed Battle Angel Halitopsis)

Incredibly blurry picture of the movie crew that was present: from left to right, Christoph Waltz, Jon Landau, Robert Rodriguez and Rosa Salazar.


Is the dialog as terrible as the trailers seem intent on conveying?


I want to say “it’s an action movie”, as I’d be hard pressed to find one that featured remotely interesting dialogues. The story being very simplified in the movie, it didn’t hurt it in my perception, but… there is a “but”.
Some of the dialogues are straightly lifted from the manga — which is an aspect I remember from a trailer I watched once, and maybe what you are referring to. That particularity created some contentious points for me, especially during two scenes which I’d rather discuss later.