Amazon's New World MMO

Based on what exactly? It’s the best received MMO since WoW launched as far as I can tell.

You sure about that one? I mean, well received, sure. But we’ve had some games (GW2 for instance immediately leaps to mind) that got ecstatic release reception.

(And the game hasn’t even had proper full release yet, right? This doesn’t hit “official” launch for another month and a week, I think.)

It got mocked back into beta just last year. This year, there doesn’t seem to have been much depth or variety of things to do added. Realm vs realm with the limited factions it launches with won’t carry it very far in the mainstream.

It does seem to be making positive first impressions on folks in beta this time around, at least.

It’ll be interesting to see how the endgame content goes over. To me that’s always the biggest question an MMO dev has to be able to answer.

I played a little bit. I tried playing GW2 a few days ago and just cant get into it anymore. Sick of hitting buttons to do combat. I enjoyed the more action oriented combat in New World as it keeps you more involved and after playing WOW and other MMO’s for so many years, there is not much that can get me excited to try another one. I liked the gathering and the combat and the classless system.

I will keep playing this, trying other weapons and seeing how it goes. Like it so far.

Yeah, the low-level experience is quite positive.

Since there aren’t classes, and each weapon only has a handful of possible skills, I’m curious where the long term depth will come from. I know there are systems I haven’t seen yet and gear slots that are locked (like amulets and azoth things).

It does remain to be seen, obviously, how long they can keep players and how quickly they can introduce new content.

Couple ?'s if you all don’t mind that are playing or more well read up on it? I like to stay in the dark as much as possible for new games these days. I find reading up too much leads to initial impressions that are hard to shake and curbs my enthusiasm so sorry for asking potentially dumb questions.

Skills tied to weapons/equipment sounds interesting and they are each tied to 2 attributes? I know you can swap out gear so do you generally need to keep to equipment tied to your “main” attributes? Do you even have main ones to concentrate on or can anybody be anything at anytime effectively? Hoping not as I like alts and different builds. Plus it just kills any sense of role playing.

I read above combat is more actiony and has timing based stuff to spice it up. My favorite MMORPG combat of all time is DAOC as it had both timed and positional abilities which lead to this wonder full dance at times of attack, attack, stun, side step, attack, etc. Would you call this similar? Does have positional or only timed abilities?

For @morlac

  • there are maybe nine different weapons in the game. Each weapon relies on one or two primary stats to boost its damage. For instance, sword and shield gains damage from strength and dexterity. Great axe is based on strength only. Bow is dexterity only. As you level you get points which you can dump into the main attributes. I do not think you get enough points such that you can use any weapon so you will have to decide what weapon or weapons you want to focus on and pump those attributes.

  • you can equip two different weapons and you can freely switch between them when you are fighting. Therefore, it is most efficient to choose two weapons that are both based on the same attributes (i.e., two strength weapons, two strength/dex weapons etc.). This is not always possible because, for instance, the healing staff is a focus weapon and there’s nothing else that’s pure focus.

  • as you use a weapon, you gain experience in it and get skill points to invest in that weapon. Each weapon has a skill tree, typically two different paths that focus on different playstyles. For instance, hatchet has a berserker tree and a throwing tree. You can mix and match between skill trees of course, but you get a limited number of skill points to allocate. Each tree has a number of passages that modify your tax for give you additional bonuses etc.

  • anyone can equip any kind of gear. Armor will typically give you stat bonuses and/or an additional special bonus. Armor is interesting in that you can equip light, medium, or heavy armor depending on your preference. Even piece by piece you can mix it up. The implication of this is that your overall “armor rating” determines your dodge move. If you are equipped in “light armor “your dodge is a roll. If you use medium armor, your dodge is a quick side step. If you use heavy armor your dodge is a slow side step. So you can equip yourself such that you get the kind of avoidance you want.

  • The reason you care about avoidance is because the combat is action based. As with games like elder scrolls, you have light and heavy attacks in addition to the special attacks you get through the skill trees. There is no tab targeting, you aim with a crosshair on screen. This can make ranged combat quite challenging… At least for me. Blocking is a thing here and it works but blocking damage only stops some of the attack damage (and your block can be broken by strong attacks). Dodging, however, let you avoid damage, and I have to say that once I got into the rhythm of it it’s fairly easy (at lower levels) to kill one or two monsters and take very little damage. I do it now at higher levels the monsters have a greater variety of moves.

One nice aspect of the game is that you can freely respec your stat and weapon allocation points below level 20. That means you have the ability to try out different weapons and combinations thereof without feeling locked in. I have spent my time so far trying different weapon combinations and seeing how they feel. As of now I am using Spear and hatchet and I have specced into throwing abilities for both of them so I have a fair amount of ranged abilities to get mobs to come to me, and then I have a charge with my Spear that lets me close the gap. I’m liking it so far.

Crafting is a big deal in New World also. There are a multitude of things you can gather and maybe six or seven main crafting professions, ranging from armor to weapons to cooking. You could theoretically max out all of these but you would need bucket fulls of resources so I suspect most people will specialize in a couple.

Thank you Charlatan. Sounds fantastic, im in!

No, I wouldn’t call it similar to DAOC. The combat this actually reminds me of is that recent Dark Alliance game. If I were to pick a MMO it reminds me most of, I would pick Elder Scrolls Online. It’s targeting with a reticle, active blocking, dodging, and a handful abilities tied to weapon where you can weapon swap in combat to get access to your other hotbar. I like it better than ESO combat, though.

Good to know. An evolution of ESO combat sounds great.

Last question i just thought of, do zones or areas level with you like ESO or is it tiered and hardset?

I’m pretty sure they’re set levels, not scaling. I’m only L15 or so, but L24 stuff I ran into near the start are still L24 and the L2 boars are still L2.

Very important distinction there. Most of the complaints I see leveled against ESO are the combat. Not because the concept is bad, but because it is “floaty” and lacks weight/impact. Though I’m not a huge fan of “every class runs with a destruction staff, except maybe tank”.

Forgot to mention another important aspect to armor. In addition to changing your dodge action, the different armor weights confer different bonuses:

  • light armor weight gives 20% more damage
  • medium armor weight gives 10% more damage and crowd control debuffs last 10% longer
  • heavy armor weight gives 15% more block and crowd control debuffs last 20% longer.

Mixing and matching armor classes can be really beneficial. For example if you equip all medium armor except light armor gloves and boots, your weight will be light.

The other problem I have with ESO combat is its just a bit laggy. Not actual latency (well, maybe that too) but I’ll fire off an ability and it feels like it takes half a second or more for the attack to actually go off and do something. New World doesn’t have that issue, thankfully. It also requires you to manually aim projectiles (including leading your target) which feels better to me.

New World really does remind me of Dark Alliance. It’s paced similar, it has a similar feel that I had to get used to. I’m speaking mostly of the lack of animation canceling which might feel “stiff” or “clunky” at first, but I think it’s a design decision. If you decide to go for that last hit on your combo or that heavy attack, you’re going to pay if the enemy gets a swing in. You can’t cancel out immediately with a block like you can in some action games.

I think it’s a pretty good idea to do it that way when it’s an online game where there is going to be some latency going to the server and back. It’s actiony without being twitchy and I think that’s pretty suitable for a MMO.

This thread seems to be hopping. So are MMOS BACK BABY?

Enjoying the beta but wow the run amd jump
animations are poor. I feel like buster keaton as I run around everywhere legs pumping like mad to move me honestly not very quickly.

The jump is a more realistic height instead of video game jumping height, but you can mantle over things so it works for me. I wouldn’t want typical MMO moon jumps in a game where I actually have to hit someone with an arrow or other projectile. Bunnyhopping would rule the day. :) Definitely had a bit of a “Wait, that’s as high as I can jump?” moment, though!

In GW1 as I recall you couldn’t jump at all!