Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Looks like Mark Darrah has been answering questions on Twitter clarifying more about the game. Linking an article I found that kind of aggregates (and links to) the tweets:

A few items: Bioware is leaving the option to add romances in post-release, NPC characters will be like the advisors from DA: Inquisition, and flying jets must be cooled and aren’t infinite - so you can’t just zoom by everybody.



I’d rather they followed Warframe than Destiny. But count on EA as being late to the party. Maybe we will get Anthem Royale as a DLC.


You say this as a joke but I can almost see it being true a few months after release.


I read Maple Story 2 is getting Battle Royale… Maple Story.


Fortnite is to blame for this. They showed that you can clone the frontrunner and steal its spotlight. So now everybody’s trying to do that, rather than trying to find the next big thing. All of them will fail. All. Of. Them.


That’s like saying Blizzard is to blame for everyone wanting to make subscription MMOs circa 2006ish.

Epic is not to blame. It’s every company that pushes out a quick me-too royale game that is to blame.


They are, people see a quick buck and jump at it. We had WoW clones failing every year or two for the better part of a decade.


Sure, but it worked for Blizzard. Meridian 59, Ultima Online, Everquest, DAoC paved the way, and then Blizzard came in and got the big bucks.


Yes, and it worked for Epic. Trying to pull off that trick a second time is just plain stupid.

Honestly though, I predict Battle Royale will be a standard competitive mode alongside team deathmatch, king of the hill, and capture the flag. Every game will have it, and in a year we’ll look back at all this snark and shake our heads.


Especially as Epic is not going to cede the high ground easily. They’re making so much money off of Fortnite that they’re going to dump $100 million into Fortnite tournament prize pools per year.

Good luck trying to get the eSports leagues to pass up that money.


Eh, the reason a lot of games fail, is because they aren’t very good. If you release an amazing game, it will usually find an audience if you have the time to support it. Genre, what’s hot etc, certainly play a part in things, but the actual quality of a game still has a lot to do with things.

That being said, multiplayer has the extra level of critical mass, it can be a real catch 22 in terms of player base and numbers to make it work. If you are coming into a saturated market, you better be prepared to give your game some time, I think that bankrupts most people.

Timing + quality = win, which is what Blizzard seems to be good at.


Blizzard doesn’t have a perfect record either, their MOBA never found any traction and they really did try to innovate in the genre with multiple maps and play modes. It isn’t a straight-up LoL clone. Players just rejected it.


Old footage, new commentary, apparently. E.g. they show a level 1 joining a group of 30s on a mission.


That boss battle was so long (and boring) they couldn’t even get it below 75% health in a 20 minute video.


Fair point (though it was at about 66%).

I will say that watching this video makes me considerably more interested than anything else we have seen, but at the same time, if they feel the need to chop off a big section “in the interest of time” then maybe it shouldn’t be there in the first place (I get it was for E3). I suppose they might not have showed the end of the fight for spoiler reasons, but that’s pretty lame, imo. The whole Zelda/Metroid (or wherever it originated) 3-phase boss battle shtick feels rather overused at this point.


Is a odd choice to demo your RPG game using the tank character. It make the combat look weirdly slow. Because is a tank. Some people love that, but is a niche appeal.
Then you have frames that can fly and use magic,seems to be way more flashy, but you are not demoing your game from there.
Surelly people would enjoy more watching the game from a “rogue” frame moving around, zipping, getting hit, using magicks. Way more dynamic than this.


Not this people. That’s one of the things I liked about it. I’d imagine their next significant footage will address that.


That’s one of the little things that kind of bums me out, as a concession to its multiplayer mode of play, we’ve got to have the standard rock/paper/scissors complimentary class of characters. I want a big-ass tank with a big-ass gun, dammit!


I watched a fair amount of the battles but it seemed like there was never really any… risk either. Maybe the further up players had to worry about… anything…