Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


I like it - anyone that ends up playing online with me will now have to chant, “Anthem! Anthem! Anthem!” as we head out on missions.



I watched the video, yeah this looks pretty cool to me, pushes all the right buttons. Heavily armed/armored suit/mech things? I can dig it. Mysterious world with strange artifacts and creators gone missing? I can sink my teeth into that. Chunky combat with plenty of explosions and a combo system? That seems pretty satisfying. I hope it’s easy to match up with people, kind of like the way The Division does it with quick and easy drop in and out, would be great. The parts of the game they’re showing seem like they’re designed for teams.


Damn, an actual EDF game made in Unreal Engine would be so awesome.


Watched another gameplay video, it is so generic. It’s like Bioware is ten years behind on shooters, or was told to make a game… JUST LIKE DESTINY. Cmon, after games like The Division, Warframe, Rainbow six siege, hell even Mass Effect… this looks like a souped up Iron Man Andromeda as Destiny… it just looks very ho hum in its gameplay. I guess what will really sell me is how they contsruct the gameplay ‘loop’. Just make it like Division or Warframe and I’m sold. If the game plays just like Destiny or Mass Effect/DA MP… I’m out.

Also, I don’t get this sci fi world… its like mad max/RAGE meets destiny? I dont ‘get’ it. also, it feels shoehorned into the engine, the BF engine thingy… kind of don’t like the feel of the last couple BF1/Star Wars BF games. Even Mass Effect 2/3 ‘felt’ meatier in its combat than MEA and this last anthem gameplay demo looks like the same shooting as Andromeda. Also the mp aspect doesn’t seem to have an idea of solo grind play (which Warframe and Division do perfectly).

Still maybe being too judgey, but I really want Bioware to compete in the online action/rpg genre… really just want more games like Warframe/Division instead of destiny.


Are you saying being an admirer of the Soviet Union Anthem wouldn’t be a fireable offence in EA?

Or are you saying in Soviet Union, Anthem fires EA instead? (“EA you do not deserve to be my developer. You are fired.” For extra effect imagine this in Trump’s voice.)


I think this game will succeed… because it has been proved to be a successful formula in gaming.
Warframe, Destiny 1-2, The Division, Borderlands games… most shooter-looter games done with a degree of competence are successful. People like them.


They have good artist and theres something interesting in communist Anthems that can be copied and inspire good music to make a lot of dollars. So much this, they already did it.

Sorry for the derail.

…tryiing to fix the derail…

I watched the video, and the begginig try to show how you end in somebody game or with other people. It feel more ancient than Destiny somehow, where is the other people that join to you.



New story and character trailer.


W. T. F.

the graphic downgrades, oh my god. This is yet another level of downgrade.

This means Anthem, the Anthem we have seen, don’t exist, will not exist. It was all smoke and mirrors.


The folks who posted that are saying the settings were accidentally set to low, but if I’m EA I’m yelling at them to take it down, because that video is doing them no favors right now.

Just have them redo the video in high or something; damage is being done.


I don’t think it can be only graphics settings because the maps had not space for the players to fly around and the borders of the areas had a huge “cross here” ring.


I’m stuck on the cape. Why in the world would futuristic mobile armor have that? :)


Easier to protect the armour from dust and mud. The cape get dirty, but is easy to clean/replace, while the armour may malfunction in combat, or require a long cleaning process.

Also rule of cool.


How do they “accidentally” set graphics to low at a trade fair? That seems bizarrely incompetent of whoever was demo-ing the game.


Because capes look awesome.




Man, the tree’s look horrible, those are like 2011 levels of foliage.