Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


OK, so you decided not to use jetpacks to go up. Did you never use them to dash to either side? If not, you chose not to utilize the best dodge option the game offered.


Do I need to remind you that side dodge does not work on z axis?


You do not. You know what, never mind the snark - my argument was that adding jet packs and z-axis movement to Anthem made that game stand out. You had asked for an example of what jetpacks added to Andromeda. I provided one.


Example you provided is mechanically no different than a regular dodge that a myriad of other 3rd person action games have.

I stand by my original point that jetpacks added nothing except fluff (they look cool if you’re into that sort of thing, I guess). You don’t have to gain elevation for damage bonus or to get a line of sight on a HVT that’s hiding behind the mooks, it’s not needed to get in or out of range quickly, nothing. It’s just…there. It’s exactly the kind of pointless feature that AAA studios so desperately try to come up with to make their generic by the numbers game stand out from the competition, gameplay implications be damned.



Well, isn’t that just the ugliest helmet I’ve ever seen? Yes it is. Oh, yes it is.



This is exactly how I feel. The first time I saw an Anthem video I thought I made a mistake and had clicked an unreleased Destiny 2 expansion.


“Everywhere and always ugliness has its beautiful aspects; it is thrilling to discover them where nobody else has noticed them.”
― Toulouse Lautrec


For me they can be similar, so long as they improve on the basic game loop. Destiny 2 was just a bore. It was a well polished, pretty bore to play and introduced nothing to the core game play that I found engaging. If this game can add some compulsion to the core, and the rhythm of combat is engaging, I’ll play it. If not, meh. I think Destiny 2 left the door open. I’m not at all convinced Bioware can take advantage however.


You can disagree without calling someone crazy.


In his defense, I did invite that.


Deleted comment.


You could use jetpacks to attack an enemy behind cover, or you could use jetpacks to obtain better (higher positioning), you could use jetpacks to avoid melee enemies, etc.


Heh, I guess you’re right :)


As I said, i played on Insanity and none of that was ever needed. The only thing you need is dash and we already established that that has nothing to do with verticality.

Really, the main benefit of jetpack was its ability to get around otherwise often annoying level design when exploring.

As for the jab, it was all in good fun and I only used it since he started his post with it :)


I’m not sure I could play a game where characters stand in such a ridiculous manner. Chest thrown forward, back tilted over the hips, shoulder back past neutral… it’s really off-putting.


I must admit I had to laugh. As far as reasons for not playing a game go, that’s … certainly a reason.


You broke the pathos!, now we can’t help it and laugh at the image.


@Bateau I think a potential difference here is that you can structure your entire build around flight. This was covered in a developer stream a couple of weeks ago. They were showcasing a build that gave all kinds of bonus damage while remaining airborne, increasing flight time, etc.

Now, could you mak a ground build that’s just as effective? I’m sure you could. But for people that find it a fun way to go about things, it seems like it will be viable to do so. And that’s the thing that I think has the potential to make this game so much better than Destiny: the ability to customize your playstyle. I found the options in Destiny quite limiting and hoping the component system here is as flexible as they suggested in that video. Hell, I want Diablo 2 style legendary components (components have borderlands-Esque special effects) that you can structure entire niche builds around.