Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


I will use few words

“EDF, with better graphics”.

“Destiny with jetpacks”

“Halo and Mass Effect had a baby”

“The Division, without PvP”



it seems the video was a leak.


“Hang tough” or “Hang tight”, which is it? And wtf does that mean, anyway?

This dialog needs workshop.


More exclusive footage brought to us by the Imagine Games Network.

An early look at Anthem Freeplay Expeditions where you can explore the world to find world events, lore items, bosses, and more.

Sigh. All these jet packs and flying around and stuff, so much potential for sheer chaos and dog fights. But these videos are so damn tame. Beautiful though. I love the look of the environment and particle effects. The characters look bland and stupid, but no worse than Destiny.


Ign’s Insistence on jumping between character povs makes me nuts, but aside from that it looks like fun.


I personally would rather this was first person, but even so it looks interesting.


I dunno. For me, at least, I think it would be a lot harder to keep your bearings, but I tend to prefer gameplay not have so much z-axis involvement as it is. Having said that, the Storm does interest me to an extent. I imagine Colossus will be my most played. I’m worried about how this is going to run on my machine, though. Hoping the open beta will give me a chance to see if it’s going to work.


Yea, the game is soo safe, it may end feeling like a hybrid of the division and warframe, without any of the smart things that make these two games notables. Or worse, has if somebody has conned us to play more Mass Effect Andromeda.

I hope is not the case, this large world with a crazy backstory, is going to hide some amazing secrets and monsters.

They only need to add 3 elements and make sure they are good:

  • weapons
  • monsters
  • lore

Is hard to make a bad FPS game.


I don’t want ‘lore’. I’d like the environments to reward movement somehow, either requiring cool flying, or climbing, or swimming. Ie not to feel procedural.


It sounds like there are cool eastereggs and lot to be had from “cool flying” as you say.

Apparently flying in various special ways and through certain things cools your suit, and it’s heat buildup that limits flight time. So, if you fly “correctly” you can reach hard to reach areas.


I want to believe. Is this being sold somewhere with a refund policy? Seems it’s risk free to try:

Refund requests can be made within 24 hours after you first launch the game, within fourteen days…


I’ve watched more video the last few days, and the more I see, the more it reminds me of Warframe and less of Destiny. The combat just looks so much more dynamic and impactful than Destiny.

Non-ultimate abilities play a major role in combat. There are also a variety of these you can equip for each type of suit to fit your playstyle. The ability to build out your character in an interesting way looks to be a couple of orders of magnitude greater than in Destiny. And I think it is important that they can add new things to the component system or add new abilities if they want vs Destiny where you were locked into the system and the only way to add anything new was via new guns or a new class.

Ultimates are set, but they look fun to use. Pretty much hated all the ults in Destiny. They were janky as hell to use, imo, and not particularly fun.

It’s hard to judge from watching someone else, obviously, but I’ve seen a number of streamers who played the game in December remark that the gunplay feels good, that it feels impactful. Little things like the way the Colossus crashes to the ground make me think they are right. It just looks fun to me.

I read this article yesterday and found it quite interesting:

It talks about how integral flight was to the design of the game and various ways they struggled with how it should work throughout development. I really like the fact that they want you to feel like a superhero. Contrast that with Destiny where they started you out as practically an invalid. I know the games get compared a lot, but I’m really starting to believe their core philosophies are quite different.


Is there a reason not to sub for premiere for one month to try anthem and then immediately cancel again?


That’s what I did for BFV and once I had premiere found it was a pretty good deal. Especially at a full year price of $99. There are plenty of games of various genres on it to warrant the subscription (obviously it’s possible a person just doesn’t like the games available)


I already pay for Origin Basic ($30 per year). I’ll probably upgrade to yearly Premier due to Anthem. It’ll cost the same amount (at least for the first year) but I’ll get some games I can’t currently play, like Unraveled 2 and Darksiders 3.


I was just looking up Origin Access Premier and am thoroughly confused. When EA first announced it last year, I thought the monthly subscription required a minimum 3-month commitment, so you had to shell out a minimum of $45?

Am I imagining things or just confusing Origin Access Premier with some other subscription?


New gameplay video, pretty short.


How many people planning to play on PC?


I’ve got the Origin premiere thingy so I’ll be there. For a while at least.


I will be playing on PC. Probably :) I’m deciding whether to jump into Anthem or The Division 2 right away. Tough call, as they both look good!