Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


20-ish hours of playing and I’ve seen plenty of rescues from knockdown, but I’ve yet to see anyone do an actual resurrection for a player that was killed.


People have rezzed me at the drop site thing several times.

So far I have been unable to return the favor, because as soon as they go down usually I follow suit pretty much immediately. This is my first battle royale game, and I’m still treating it like it’s Team Deathmatch. I’m not exactly the best Battle Royale player.


I know this isn’t a good comparison for this game, but this is the game Battleborn could have been. The hero design in AL is alot like Battleborn (Borderlands 2). Actually would love a game like this but in the Warframe model. Like a loot shooter but with the art design of AL/Battleborn… just thinking out loud.


I rezzed a buddy once. I ran 300 meters under enemy fire to get his banner, then back the same way to the rez point, then held off some enemies while he came down and found a fun, and finally got killed just as he did. Good times.

Also, the supply ship is a neat concept but poor in execution. If you’re killed on it, your crate has no momentum, so it slides off into empty space. That would be fine, I guess, except it’s also not affected by gravity, so it just floats a thousand feet in the air, your banner unretrievable.


How about a double resurrection from the same random after he punches someone to death and then has to hide because a full team is standing on the res point?


I have rezzed multiple people, and multiple people have rezzed me. But it probably depend on the hour your play and where you play. If you have bad luck and you play the same hour kids, you are gonna have a bad time.



I’ve wanted to rez more, but often I haven’t been able to grab my buddies’ banners because they’re in the orange by the time the coast is clear.


I’ve been rezzed once in about 20 matches. Its a risk thing, and I think it works fine as is. If they made it any easier the threat of death would be less, and thats a part of the BR appeal. So the thing is as usual… try not to die. Also, the matches are meant to be less than 20 minutes, so I am guessing by design a res is sort of like a miracle comeback, its not meant to be a usual occurence.


I’ve rezzed bunches of folks… getting your teammates back up is pretty key in surviving as things get messy near the end.

It’s a well designed system, too.

Honestly, every single aspect of this game is exceptionally well designed. Respawn clearly studied the BR game, figured it out, and made an extremely good entry into the field.

I initially assumed I would not enjoy this, as I’ve never enjoyed any BR game, even COD which had previously addressed the issue of garbage game mechanics found in other BR games.

But something about this one just clicks really well somehow.


It came out on Tuesday and you already have 20ish hours with it by the end of Thursday? Wow, you didn’t give any hints before this that you were so enamored with it.

I guess I’ll give this a try tonight.


I think this may not just be the best BR game I’ve played, but one of the best MP shooters.

Respawn once again shows they really know what they’re doing in the shooter space.


Just finished my first match. I am completely new to BR, having NEVER played it before… so my poor squad was stuck with a guy who didn’t find a weapon for 10 minutes


My teenage son, a fairly accurate bellwether of free-to-play success among his cohort, thinks this game is terrific. The true sign the game has taken off will be his twin sister complaining that all everyone talks about at high school is Apex.


Its really good imo. I usually don’t play a BR after the first 4 or 5 matches. But this one already played like 30+ matches. It has good pacing and I think all the weapons are useful depending on situation. I’m curious how they expand upon this, new maps, new characters, new modes? etc etc thy have a good solid foundation. Glad they finally have a hit after nobody really bought TF2.


I suck but who wants to play?
I’m on PC.


Loot crates being solid to collision has caused me many deaths :( Getting stuck between 3 dead boxes in a tiny room is no fun at all.


There’s a couple compilation videos of “funny Apex moments” where half the segments are solid loot crates and deployables blocking doors and movement. Sure, it’s funny to see, but it would bug the crap out me in game.

Minor complaint that hasn’t yet affected me personally though.

Small example:


Got into a fun match last night. All of us had mics and used them to coordinate an work together. We landed in the first circle and got decent weaponry as we quickly but cautiously moved to good spots to make a stand with each new and smaller circle. Finally we were in the last circle and one of two teams standing. Still, I don’t think we had fired a shot. The other team ends up being in the far side of the zone and eventually a gun battle breaks out. We put up a nice fight but get taken out. 22 minutes, no squad kills, 2nd place! BR everyone!


I downloaded this last night. I never actually started a game because every single one of the “legends” looked so generic, boring, and uninspired.

Seriously if you’re going to make an Overwatch/Pubg mashup you need to spend time on character design. How the fuck they gonna sell loot boxes to decorate these boring-ass characters? I looked at the skins for each one and they’re incredibly lame.


Well, the game is from the makers of Titanfall. In my opinion they should all look like pilots and Titans, but even though that seems to be where their experience lies, they were forced to appeal to a different type of audience. So we get people who are great at making Titans and Pilots making Millennials instead, and that’s not necessarily their expertise.

Thankfully the game play does seem to be where their expertise lies because it is great. And because it’s first person you get the benefit of not having to look at your stupid ugly self when you play, and you can just shoot all the other stupid ugly people that annoy you with their stupid ugly looks. So, really, there is a bit of a big plus here.

Go shoot the people that look stupid and generic and try to be be happy with that.