Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


There are server-side anti cheats and there are client-side ones. One of them require installation of extra software, that may or may not run as a “always running service” requiring more system permissions than the base game, attempting to hook into other running programs and scan their memory, the other does nothing on the client.

Games like Destiny 2 and Warframe are also online and offer competitive gameplay modes, yet neither of them opted for invasive client side programs, are they infested by people who cheat?

The game installer should mention the fact that it comes with these extra ‘services’ instead of only requiring you to ‘accept’ to install the MS Visual C++ etc redistributables.


this is actually a great idea…


Game 1: Game crashed immediately after landing
Game 2: Jump commander puts us on a supply ship with three other squads, killed before I can find a weapon
Game 3: Land somewhere safe, run around gathering stuff for 20 minutes. Finally encounter an enemy, squad instantly wiped.

There’s a reason I don’t play BR games.


I wouldnt pull the trigger just yet… this is a AAA BR game for free. Nothing else except Fortnite is its competition. This killed Blackout imo. And if the viewer #'s holdup on Twitch its an indication IT WILL AND IS taking Fortnite players.

This isn’t Blackout 2.0 or PubG 2.0… it does have its own feel… even if it is derivative. I actually like it alot more than the rest of em.

The power of free to play is strong with this one. And backed by a developer that knows the genre VERY well.


As mentioned earlier, Rings of Elysium says hi.


Its alot more complex than the other BR’s. On the surface its accesible, but it has alot more to do than just loot. The building aspect takes it to a whole new level of gameplay (a main reason its successful). As well if you arent comparing what to loot in Fornite… well you haven’t played it, the weapons in Fortnite and much more demanding of the players attention. In Blackout and ALthere’s 3 main weapons, full auto, semi auto sniper guns, shotguns… and variations of these 3. In Fortnite ALL the weapons are not variations, they are the only types of a kind weapon, plus the FEEL of Fortnite gunplay is drastically different from all the other BRs, it is so much timing based, almost similar to Gears gunplay w/ longer range (it is Epic). Fortnite is an easy game to get into, but there is a MUCH higher level of expertise than any of the other BRs… which is why it will stay on top.

But I do think AL is onto something, it is so much simpler to play than Fortnite AND ITS FREE just like Fortnite. AL will need that drug like hook to get more accesories… I think its WAY behind Fortnite in that department.


Can someone tell me what a Rings of Elysium is and why it keeps saying hi to me? Creepy.


It’s game with the Artifact logo always confusing viewers on Twitch.


I played that one too. It’s decent, I’d actually put it in the Pubg line. Blackout and AL are in the arcadey BR line (gunplay). RoE is good but its nowhere near the #'s AL has already done in ONE DAY! RoE’s been out since the summer and hasn’t gained much traction since then.


I wholeheartedly agree with this article.


I do love the pings.


When do you become an Apex Legend? Can we agree that the name for this game is kind of … dorky?!?


I think that’s what happens when you follow Brittney Slayes.


Apex Legends also has an audio setting:

“Convert Incoming Voice to Chat Text” which I am trying tonight.

I heart Respawn.


Last I heard it was mostly a vector for Chinese spyware.


Tonight I won my first battle royale game ever with Apex Legends!

And got a rare achievement on Xbox to boot.



Which isn’t on console and thus not competition there for that space.


Man this game is pretty great. So many clever ideas around inventory management and squad communication!

I need to read up on equipment and such though. I feel lost when playing.


I like this quite a bit. Good shooting, tense encounters, very smart movement and team communication stuff. Really polished.

Does anyone care about gun skins in these battle royale games? I’ve gotten a few now just from the free level-up crates, but it all seems so worthless. I can’t imagine myself ever paying for them. You don’t really control which guns you’ll find in the game, so it seems like a crapshoot as to whether or not you’d find the one you paid for.