Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

OK, that is pretty sweet @Skipper ! Much better entertainment then the latest movie too =)

It was sweet. This is the second one of these we’ve seen, the first was The Empire Strikes Back. It’s kind of strange watching the movie but feeling the music live. I’m sure we’ll plan to do more of these.

Thinking of jumping in, and doing a fresh start thing. How do Omnicular and Super Spyglass compare to Awesome Spyglass, in terms of showing dino stats?

Super Spyglass:


They display quite a bit differently. Super Spyglass is more of a stat showing, good for breeding, etc. Omnicular is more of a wide view, multi-target spotter with different levels of zoom, fantastic for hunting.

Never used Awesome Spyglass, I don’t know too much about it.

I’m faffing about in SP at the moment, and even solo have gotten some cough value out of this

Two thumbs up, would recommend for your servers.

I mostly use Awesome Spyglass for the on-screen GPS coords :)

Far as I can tell, it does all the same things Super Spyglass does, but adds color info, buff info, taming info (that’s another big one), plus the GPS info, and it highlights nearby critters sorta like the tek helmet. It’s kind of an OP tool out the box, but most of that can be switched off in the ini.

Looks like the other two mods haven’t even updated since AS originally released. That kind of says it all. Though Awesome Spyglass is also way overdue for an update.

Would someone be willing to explain the Soul features you all were talking about yesterday? I am still waiting for electricity and cryopods and it sounds like that isn’t what I should be doing. Is it these Soul Trap, Terminal, Gun and Finder things from a mod we have? Do I want to figure out how to use all of these?

I don’t think the terminal even takes power, just some electronics, metal, etc. pretty easy stuff really. So you want to 1st build yourself a terminal. Next, within the terminal you build the little soul gun, and some pokeballs (soul traps). Then, if you want to store your dinos, you just shoot them with the gun and they become pokeballs. Or, you can just put one of the pokeballs in your hand, and use it on the dino and that will capture them just like a crypod. Put your soul traps (pokeballs) into the terminal just like inventory.

Your dinos are now digitally stored inside your terminal! Looks like this:

Good deal! Thanks! Will try it out after work.

I forgot to check, is everyone here aware of the new teleport feature? While on foot hold down R on PC (Square or X on controller) to upen up the teleportation wheel.

I had no idea!

Do you have to craft a special item for that or go to a special teleport location to travel to another?

Innate ability!

In the mod version, you had to use special currency and do it on a special room, but they opened it up after release because reasons.

Oh, another thing I forgot. The official wiki has moved from fandom to

The other nice thing here, is that anything a stored dino passively produces can be collected in the terminal as well. So you can auto-farm eggs, achatina paste, organic polymer, element shards, owl pellets, and poop (and in turn convert to fertilizer) in one location. Makes it a must have for soloists.

Oh! Thanks for this! I was still using the old one. This is so much better!

I got my terminal up and most of my dinos in there so things are starting to come together.

Are Custom Recipes turned off or something on our server cluster? I can’t seem to get the button for making a recipe.

I think so, I’m investigating …

Config now added. Unfortunately requires a reboot to be live so I’ll reboot the servers nobody is on, otherwise it will be active tomorrow AM after daily reboot. All options will be enabled but each person will then have to choose what they want on.

See here:

Also, I forgot who let me know Valguero was reset, can you check again now and see if the day looks right? If not I think I’m going to have to open a ticket, as we only have about 3 rolling days of backups.

I was more talking about custom food recipes I think. I don’t think thats part of Dino Storage?
EDIT: P.S. Thanks for the quick response BTW =)

My bad, in that case, any info on custom recipes? If that’s server side config we’re definitely missing it, but I don’t know how to enable them.

Also, is anyone from Octopus Overlords still here? I know we had a few players from there a while back. I’d be glad to share the cluster details there if you guys thinks that’s okay?