Assassins Creed Origins - the Spoiler Edition


But then no one will talk about it because they haven’t gotten there yet :(


I hope to finish up the main story this week. I got distracted doing all the sync viewpoints for fast travel. :p


Okay so, major plot spoilers. I’ll blur them out. If you click them it’s not my fault. END SPOILERS.


The name of the game is Origins, I wanted to see the Origins of the Creed. Did I? Even at the end they barely touched on it. I mean, they created the ‘Hidden Ones’ that operate from the shadows. They never said Assassin. They never mentioned Templars. I assume there will be almost a sequel to this.


Aya ended up doing all the work. I played Bayek the whole game, and all he manages to do is kill the secret baddies in Egypt and a few Roman dudes. Aya kills Caesar and becomes Amunet. I got all excited and assumed the last mission was assassinating Cleopatra with a snake, but nope, game’s just over now. And Bayek got dumped because his wife is assassination-crazed. Thanks for the nut-punch, writers.

And then

The main story missions are too far apart and the level ‘gates’ sucked. I don’t need to blur that part out. This part I will though.

Towards the end, the game became a crazy four hour cutscene of assassinating and Romans and Cleopatra and Aya and Caesar and it even gives you a ‘point of no return’ but that wasn’t even true really. After those few hours of crazy, you’re dropped back into Egypt to level up so you can fight the last two baddies. Come on, man.

Click at your own peril if you haven’t finished.


I’m not nearly there yet but wow, this was some interesting read.

About the first part you mention @Knightsaber

I’m pretty sure one of the DLC’s coming will be about assembling the Brotherhood. Can’t really remember where I read this now. Wouldn’t be that’s surprising if one of the DLC’s is dedicated to Aya as well, I guess?


I think it would be 100% ridiculous to make DLC about the first part, considering the game. The 2nd one I can see, but I’m put off enough to not get it.


Yeah I took the chance and read your posts, I could see where all the stuff going on in game was headed by the mid-point.

I still am enjoying myself. Just wish the story was better.


Oh my god what the fffff just happened! I’m doing a mission around the pyramids and riding around there, the colors go all weird and the camera angle changes and some KID is frickin whispering loudly backwards and I’m just so terrified I had to shut it down.
Whaaaat. Is that.


Freaky things can happen in the desert.



Please, spoil! My blood pressure can’t handle backward talking demons. I’ll have to play that on mute.


Just finished the main story, Was OK and they did wrap up the whole “This is how it started” nicely. Still wish they would have let me played Aya as a full character throughout the game. I have 79% Completion and still a boatload of side quests to do and several regions to explore and am lvl 40. I am just not feeling it to continue. I would say but could have been a bit shorter. Especially at the end the Main Mission seemed to go on forever and not really reaching the point. I did like that they totally minimized the modern world stuff to almost negligible levels. They could have left that out and not missed anything in the game. One thing I found very sloppy is the fact that the modern day lady found Aya’s and his corpse in the same burial site. While in the game they separate at the end. So that whole modern day line does make absolutely zero sense.

One of the the best things about the game was the water though, the UBI Water developers are amazing. I wish they would use that amazing water for a proper water based game.


You cant really control it afaik, this stuff just happens from time to time when you are deep on the desert.


Its what happens when you get a heatstroke.


Does every single ac game have to end this rage inducing? Dear Lord… It’s like a mebrwlly challenged group got free reins over the last hour of the story… or an evil person.

Nothing you have done in the RPG aspect of the game matters - no matter your playstyle you are locked into this - The designers simply doesn’t care about the 40 hours of training they gave you.

-“Hey - lets end the game with you locked in a bullshit fight”. which is making me very close to uninstaling.


Are you talking about Aya’s last fight? Yea it super annoyed me I had to play the finale with her because I had no idea of her skills and her weapons sucked.


Aye, thats the one - so stupid. All I wanted was to explore Egypt with MY character, which was very different from her.

Oh - since this IS the spoiler thread - Whats up with how glorious Rome looked? I mean, that must have taken quite some time, with just those 10 minutes to show for it? I think we will be getting back there!


Sure hope so! It looked grand.


I expect a direct sequel to this, just because of how it sort-of-kind-of ended.


Perhaps the next will be ROME focused then. :)

I would love to go back and see the Colosseum, during the reign of Augustus.


They’ve already done Rome but I could see them doing it again :) Just to continue the ‘Origins’ part of things.


Wow thanks for clearing that up. I thought there was some really freaky shit going on in the desert.