Bananas and Nuts

And…we’re back.

Thanks to everyone in the past who had a kind word or suggestion for the chart. I’ve been semi-MIA myself the past few months, so very likely I’ve overlooked a few events. PMs are always welcome.

I’d like to be able to avoid all the stuff that led to the other thread being shut down, so as Tom mentioned there, if you find something objectionable on the forums or have any questions about how the forums are run, please PM him directly rather than posting about it in this thread.

Thanks and enjoy.

Bananas and Nuts Updates:

Version 21 - Changes included in Version 22.
Version 22 - February 2007
Version 23 - February 2007
Version 24 - April 2007
Version 25 - May 2007

Version 26 - June 2007
Version 27 - Changes included in Version 28.
Version 28 - August 2007
Version 29 - September 2007
Version 30 - September 2007

Version 31—33 - Minor revisions; changes included in Version 34.
Version 34 - December 2007
Version 35 - February 2008

Version 36 - March 2008
Version 37 - April 2008
Version 38 - May 2008
Version 39 - May 2008
Version 40 - May 2008

Version 41 - June 2008
Version 42 - August 2008
Version 43 - April 2009
Version 44 - April 2009
Version 45 - May 2009

Version 46 - August 2009
Version 47 - November 2009
Version 48 - February 2010
Version 49 - May 2010
Version 50 - June 2010

Version 51 - September 2010

Classic QT3 Blunders:

Version 3

Welcome back, Albert. Glad to have you and the chart with us again.

I <3 you.

Also, finding it much easier to understand than before, don’t know if its the re-classifications or anything, but its just as awesome.

Hey, my thread made it into, “Recent happenings”. I am special.

Hope your absence was not due to something unfortunate and if it was, I hope you are on the other side of it.

Nice job as always!!!

Welcome back ba… nanas and nuts.

We’ll be good Entity! Promise!

Requiescat in pace

It looks like ILTPS is gone too, though I’m not sure if you’re counting quick burnouts like that.

That was Mario_Au . He kept emailing me after he got banned blaming me for it. Which was hilarious.

Thank you for your concern. It was nothing too bad, just too much stuff going on at the time.

Woooooo’ing has never been more appropriate.

Total pwnage. Nicely done, as always Woo.


Wow, nice work. I’m sad to see Tobias go, but the new chart looks great. Thanks for doing this.

And there was much rejoicing.

Ditto, but Vince could not be more appropriate for some reason.

I love bananas and nuts on a Hot Fudge Sundae, YUM!


It’s so beautiful.

Edit: FoRmaT doesn’t get a spot?

Good call. I’ve added an entry in the “Recently” section.