Bananas and Nuts

I think the tapir jokes are there because the thought of a tapir being obscene is inherently hilarious. It’s like Hitchhiker’s, where making “Belgium” the most obscene word in the galaxy is a million times more funny than “fuck” or whatever it was in the original UK edition. People don’t (usually) say “tapir” as a way of doing a wink-wink nudge-nudge end run around the local posting rules; they say it because it’s amusing. (Sort of like, “Oh, fudgesicles!” Only much, much funnier.)

Or, more appropriately, “yentas”. Which absolutely no-one had a problem with…

That’s no shirt. He’s wearing your underwear! The sexy black ones, no less.

Ha ha. I have no idea what I said. Dem were the days. I remember Old Salt riding his high horse, but most of it is just a blur.

These boards are so busy now I can’t imagine one person moderating them without taking a couple of hours a day to do so. Tom has Fidgit to worry about and other things. Brooski might have time. I think he’s only working 100 hour weeks as neurosurgery resident.

I read these boards every day, but I didn’t know about the tapir thing. I saw it, knew it was some Qt3 meme, but had no ideas of the origins. Some people are so starved for attention they are happy to be asses to get it.

I knew exactly where it came from, but I only ever used it for the fact that tapirs are awesome animals.

Hell, I don’t think I knew what a tapir was until I came across those threads. I mean, I had heard of them but couldnt’ pick one out of an animal lineup.

I really hope Tom doesn’t flip the word scrambler back over again or I’m going to end up looking really stupid. Again.

Doesn’t the tribe hunt and eat a tapir in Apocalypto?

You know it pisses him off, why keep bringing it up? Just drop it.

well shoot. looks like tom really is taking a break.


Tom –

A little over 25 hours ago I hopped onto a minivan for the Qingdao airport and I haven’t had a decent rest since then, so forgive me if this is somewhat less than coherent.

Your work at moderating this forum is what has made this community worth visiting daily for me and for countless others over the past several years.

I know you don’t get to hear the people say “Thank you” for that, so here it is: Thank you.

And I’m sure there are a great many who feel the same way. (In fact they may have already responded to this thread.)

I was for moderation, not to the degree Old Salt said but still wanted a moderated news group created. You were against it because the internet as it was evolving couldn’t be moderated. Basically you were right I was wrong. At the time I was already on Usenet via a DoD account for over 10 years and on networks before then and everything was moderated. It was just what I was use too. Now I just hope for a few basic rules and some sort of crowd control.

I appreciate everything Tom did and does for this forum and if it must change or go away, then so be it. It’s his to do with what he wishes. At least he is annoucing he is fedup and instead of rage shutdown like others. I hope it continues for another 10 but I don’t see it.

As for tapir, I didn’t get it. I knew what it was and why people were making fun of it but it didn’t make me laugh.

I’m going to jump on the bandwagon. Tom, I also really appreciate all of the hard work you do here. This is by far my favorite community on the internet and the majority of the things I love about it are in no small part thanks to you. I have participated to a certain degree in this whole mess and would be lying if I said that I wasn’t highly entertained by it. I am sad that many of us couldn’t accept and honor your wishes, but I hope that this serves as a wake-up call to all of us and that we can be mature enough to leave this behind us. This being the internet, however, part of me doubts that is possible.

Yeah ditto. I’d like to offer an official apology to Tom for all the times I’ve pissed him off, which I can quite clearly remember, and all the times that perhaps I didn’t even know that maybe I pissed him off, and all the future times which I may or may not spit flames on a fire.

This is the only Gaming+Other forum where 99% of the posts are done with perfect grammar (or as good as perfect) without l33tspeak or KAIHAIKAKAKA type bullshit, and it’s mainly because of Tom+crew.

Yeah, I’m with Rimbo, for once. ;)

Tom’s built a wonderful community here. Though most are of strong opinion (could anyone survive otherwise?), there’s little of the BS, hubris or egomania that taints most Internet forums. Ideas are free to exchange, but idiocy and sycophancy are quickly put in their place. And all without any heavy-handedness.

Despite the strong personalities of the participants, discussions 'round these parts are often much more civil than elsewhere. And there’s a definite level of articulateness that other sites could only dream of.

A lot of this is exemplified by the head honcho. Tom, you’re as opinionated and strong-willed as any of us, but never less than respectful. Whether one agrees or disagrees with your stance on Game X or Issue Y, you always state your position clearly enough that everyone can at least understand it. And I think people respond in kind.

It would be a shame if this place lost that steady guiding presence.

Since this has turned into the thank Tom thread; Thanks Tom!

Thanks for all the behind the scenes work you’ve been doing to make this forum such a great place.

Quarter To Three is one of the four places on the internet I bother to visit on a daily basis, and the reason for that is the community that you’ve had a large hand in creating and sustaining. The fact that people on the forums understand NSFW and how to type in proper sentances are things that are all too rare.

It seems a real shame that QT3’s moderation could be over because of some kind of ridiculous meme (seeing the rise of spam posts today I’m guessing that the entry filter has been turned off as part of the new era of no moderation). I’m sure there are many folks here who wouldn’t mind helping out with moderating should that be what is required.

Thanks again for all the hard work, I hope the forums can soldier on through this somehow and continue to be the fine place that I’ve always found them.

The chart should be updated to reflect the occultation of Tom and the sudden immigration of the unwashed.

tom is no longer vetting new accounts.

and changed the forum rules to reflect this

¡Tomas poner en el foro una vertiginosa! “Basta ya”, pensó. “También me va a crecer de nuevo el bigote.”