Bargain Thread 2017


You’re both right! This is exactly the kind of thing I would spend a buck on and then let it languish, unplayed, in whatever weird kind of video game bucket list I’m accumulating. Or, it would anyway, if I hadn’t apparently … already bought this at some point in the past.


$9.99 at Amazon currently.


This is the same as the Black Friday deals, right. A PS4 Slim for $199.


BTW, did they ever resolve whatever that issue with MGS V: The Phantom Pain was where it depended on some online thing with regard to your bases (obviously I only have the vaguest of notions of what the issue was based on what I heard people saying on podcasts)?


They did have some launch issues way back, but it’s all pretty smooth these days. Accessing the mother-base management features in iDroid while in the field used to be slow, but it’s much quicker now. Possibly because server traffic is much lower. ;)


Guys. Guys. Titanfall 2 $9.99 on Origin!

Sure, other stuff is on sale on Origin as well, but Titanfall 2!


Fanatical has Middle Earth : Shadow of War for $32.39 (48% off) for a limited time when you use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY10 in your cart.

Star Deal today on Fanatical is LEGO Hobbit Complete Pack for $4.99 (80%). Contains all the DLC.

Humble Store has Brutal Legend FREE for a limited time.
They’re also still running their Humble Fall Sale featuring hundreds of games with decent discounts, especially for Monthly subscribers.

IndieGala has a new Monday Motivation Bundle live. $2.49 for 11 indie Steam games.

Not a lot of new deals on Steam today, which likely points to a Fall Sale coming later this week.


So I keep hearing Plants vs. Zombies GARDEN WARFARE 2 is great, and it’s on sale right now.

And enablers around?


I didn’t know that actually cost money, thought it was f2p. I haven’t played it in forever, and I don’t think it’s nearly as good as the first PvZ, but it’s a fun little game.

Edit: oh, Garden Warfare 2! Never mind.


@tomchick is your huckleberry.


He means Garden Warfare 2. Everyone calls it the wrong thing. As does Tom in that review.


Well that review looks great. Is it fun for the solo player? It sounds like it is.


I liked it. There’s around 8 hours of goofy campaign stuff, and you can team up with bots for most of the multiplayer modes.


I recall trying GW2 (Garden Warfare 2) on PC earlier this year, the player base is just about gone, sadly.


Objection! Point of order, misleading the court. “GW2” stands for “Guild Wars 2”.



Nope, I would never subject someone to the real GW2.


Looks like there is a 10 hour demo to try it out.

Plants vs Zombies 2 isn't just a great game; it's a long overdue revolution

I see that many are using “SC2” when talking about some irrelevant RTS and not Star Control 2. This should be a banable offense.


Soulcalibur II isn’t an RTS…

(And if you think that’s bad, just remember that a stray “AC” could mean Animal Crossing, Armored Core, Ace Combat, Assassin’s Creed, “arcade,” or “air conditioner.”)


Don’t forget Asheron’s Call. :)