Bargain Thread 2017


I’d grab these but I’d never Finnish them.


AS I recall, there were a number of quest missions which required human team members to win pretty early (all the setup missions for your base, etc,)


Get out.



I would strongly disagree on this point, for anyone interested in The Division. The first two DLC were both excellent in their own way – Underground added a Rift-like mechanic from Diablo while Survival was an enjoyable well… survival mode to escape from the infected zone.


If you did, your backlog would Finnilly be reduced.


I think Ural looking at this the wrong way, they’re great deals.


Helsinki your teeth into some of those deals.


Methinks you’re being too Finnicky about this.


Seriously. Those deals are Swede. Norway you should give up on them.


Those deals are so good I’m Slavicvating.

Yeah, I’ll see myself out.


Yeah, after looking at the list of games, I decided to take some of that Stockholm with me.


I don’t recall this being the case, but it’s been over a year since I played it.


30% off games @ Origin, includes Battlefront II

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Requires other humans, no. Are a giant pain in the genitals without other humans, yes.


Yes, I’ve read the DLCs might be fine, but still superfluous.

One is “randomly generated dungeons” and, considering the main criticism about the game is that it is very repetitive, then going through randomly generated dungeons over and over might not be all that appealing. If you are so much into the game then I doubt you waited two years to buy it. The base game offers already enough without any need to squeeze out more hours through randomized dungeons. And if you instead end up loving the game SO MUCH, then you can still buy the DLC on its own later on after you reach the endgame (usually people get bored before that).

The Survival mode instead got some praises, but it’s completely detached from the rest of the game. It’s a sidetrack. There are plenty of other games in that specific niche that do it much better (Escape from Tarkov). So again, I doubt that someone who’s into that kind of gameplay is going to play it within The Division, especially because the playerbase on PC isn’t big and you’re likely even going to see quite long queues.

So, both being sidetracks/separate modes. The base game is its own thing and for such a low price it’s pretty great (one of the last good graphic engines on PC).

It’s the opposite of Destiny 2’s DLCs, where you get more missions/content/stuff that plugs into the main game. So it’s superfluous if you aren’t specifically looking into that stuff.


Oh I remember this game being talked on 3MA. Its author, Alex Kutsenok, is apparently developping other strategy games, as flash ones. No idea if they are deserving the same praise.


Does that include Mass effect dlc?


If it does, it’s probably an oversight that will be corrected imminently.


I can’t even find “Lair of the Shadow Broker” when I do a search.


From what I understood of the PC side, you can’t buy DLC from Origin, only from Bioware. That’s why it never went on sale, usually. Right @malkav11. IIRC, you knew more about it.

On the Xbox 360 side, we saw the DLC on sale regularly. And by regularly, I mean about once a year or so.