Bargain Thread 2017


Best of 2016 Bundle!

Else Heart.Break
Evoland 2
Victor Vran

Pay more than the average of $2.91 to also unlock!
Rust (Early Access)
Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition
Stronghold Crusader 2

Pay $10 or more to also unlock!
Homeworld Remastered Collection

I doubt Rust will ever be finished, nor will it ever be any fun.


Victor Vran is easily worth a buck. Shadowrun Dragonfall was good, so maybe Hong Kong is worth the upgrade to the BTA tier.


I really enjoyed Hong Kong.


Else Heart.Break() is an odd duck. This community guide might help to get started.

I’ve owned it for over a year. It’s a slow starter, and I haven’t played it enough for it to quite click yet…


Just saw this bundle of classic flight sims mentioned on Facebook. About $8 for some of the finest flight sims of the 90s.


Showing up as $19.60 for me


Prob one of those where it discounts it if you already own some of the games.


Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I forgot they did that, and they’re not super clear that they’re doing it either.


The Flame in the Flood, in apparently limited quantity, is $5.99 at Bundlestars. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Is it worth picking up?


BundleStars also has the the Metro Redux bundle for 5.99€, which must be close to the cheapest price ever.


BundleStars has another [URL=“”]Dollar Dash[/URL] thing going on. Most games are from the Stealth Bastard, Lucius and Postal series.

I feel a bit tempted by Stealth Bastard and Stealth Inc. Did anybody play them?


Absolutely it is. I purchased this during Christmas during the Steam sale and have had great fun with it.


PSN Flash Sale

Some highlights for PS4:

The Order 1886, Trials Fusion, Saints Row 4 Re-Elected, Knack, Thief $4.99
Assault Android Cactus $4.94
Sleeping Dogs Definitive, Tomb Raider Definitive $4.49
Psychonauts (PS2 conversion for PS4, includes trophy support) $3.99
Grow Home $2.39 (I liked this one)

Some highlights for PS Vita:

Borderlands 2 $4.99
SMT Persona 3 Portable (PSP, playable on Vita) $4.99
Geometry Wars 3 $4.94


Is The Order worth playing for $5? I remember the initial complaints were about it being short.


The knock on it was defintiely that it was short. One of the boys played it and liked it well enough for what it was.


I tried it but didn’t care for the controls.


Yeah, I rented it, and didn’t care to play past the first hour. I was bored out of my mind as I walked slowly from place to place.

I think @Brad_Grenz is a big fan of the game, so maybe he can sell us on it.


it was a pretty decent mass effect style (read: cover based, heavy cinematic explosions) shooter with great graphics for a console release of that time.

I remember the combat being completely average.


It’s about 7.5 hours long, but at $5 that hardly should matter. I really enjoyed the story and the world. The unique weapons were fun to use and the combat was tight and reactive, if not a complete reinvention of the genre as some seemed to demand.

The only real downside to me is the actual lycan shootouts. It’s obvious that area of the combat never came together, but there’s only a couple sequences of that and they’re brief enough. I had no regrets paying full price, and consider it a steal at $5.

The game is moody, and deliberate in its pacing, though, so anyone who hated the “walking simulator” portions of Uncharted 4 will probably be annoyed by The Order. Much of the joy for me was drinking in these fabulous environments, though.


Steam has an Endless Grand Master Collection for $18. This collection contains Dungeon of the Endless and all its dlc, Endless Legend and all its dlc and Endless Space and its dlc. What I’m wondering is, is that collection worth it if I own Endless Space and its dlc?