Bargain Thread 2020

Yes. 3 bots plus you.

Thanks for the heads up!
I just played the intro. Not really happy with the visuals yet (very “blurry” looking landscape - even though I’m on ultra / 1440p / no motion blur settings).

And for everyone else: FYI that “free weekend” appears to only be “free 6 hours” during this weekend…

Pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 for $50 on Amazon, $10 off. This is a physical copy guaranteed to be delivered on Nov 19th. The PC version activates on GOG.

Note the $10 Epic coupons expire on Oct 31 and don’t work on preorders, so you can’t save $10 that way.

If by physical copy you mean a clam shell with a digital code inside.

Yeah it seems kinda silly. I’d rather Amazon just email me my code, so I can enter it into GoG early and get my pre-load game on.

I’d be all over it if it had a USB drive with the game on it. Otherwise yeah I don’t see a point. A soundtrack CD when I can’t remember the last time I listened to an actual CD and would just end up ripping it anyway.

But that $10 off Epic coupon would work nicely in a few weeks when Horizon Zero Dawn releases. Especially good for those who don’t have a Playstation and never experienced it, like me.

It also comes with a soundtrack CD, an little booklet, postcards, and stickers. And you’re saving ten dollars on a game unlikely to be discounted for awhile.

Yes, the Epic coupon will work until the end of October.

So why does mine say No Eligible Coupons? Hmm.

Because it can’t be used on preorders.

An actual CD with uncompressed audio? That might make it worth it.

Ah but come August it’ll be ok? Maybe it’s time to actually give Epic some money…

The coupon will work until the end of october, yes. And yes it’s a real CD.

Has anyone brought up the conspiracy theory that Cyberpunk was delayed so that people couldn’t use this voucher for it when the game releases?

EDIT: With the amazon discount and recent Steam discount I am going to answer myself and say no. My conspiracy theorizing skills aren’t too bright today.

Question, I know about and isthereanydeal but those just seem to be about PC games. Is there any such site for deals on console games like oh, for instance, Ghost of Tsushima or at least something older like God of War (PS4 version)?

There’s always…

Thanks, I didn’t realized they also did keys for console game stores. I assume that would be on the PSN store?

No idea, I just noticed it was there.

There’s too.

For Nintendo Switch, there’s