Bargain Thread 2022

GMG’s 12th Birthday Sale!

Spring sale at Humble as well, including Deep Rock Galactic half off if you missed it on sale earlier on Steam (steam key).

I got a few games for 3€ here

Mindustry seems a well liked tower defense/rts game. Seems similar to Creeper World series?

In my mind it’s more of a Factorio-like, where you set up extraction & processing chains that gradually grow larger and more complex. There are enemy waves to defend against and there are enemy bases to destroy, but these are mostly a test of your productive efficiency rather than tests of your tactical prowess. E.g. can you produce a Tier 6 spider-mech within 30 minutes of starting the new level? If so you will probably win as your titanic mech stomps across the map, if not you will probably die to steadily increasing waves of enemy attackers. In the latter case you’ll need to go back and rethink your building strategy and try to become more efficient. For that purpose the game has a really neat templating system, so that after you have placed down a group of buildings/conveyors you can then save that group into a template. Then you can take that template and quickly plop new instances of it down on the map where needed.

So there’s a lot of SpaceChem-like fun in making useful production templates & figuring out how they should all chain together. And then there’s even more fun in going back to your designs to see if you can improve their efficiency, speed, foot-print, materials cost, etc.

Obviously I’m a huge fan of the game & I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in Factorio/Satisfactory type games. It’s super satisfying to watch the giant engine that you built churning away with all the production lines feeding each other in perfect harmony. The only downside is that it kind of ruins other engine building games for you, e.g. I tried picking up Terraforming Mars recently, and was severely non-plussed. “oh, ok, I use the Space Mirrors to build up Power, and then I feed the Power into the Ore Refinery to get Ore and a Victory Point. And I have turn the crank myself each time by clicking on these things. Whee.”

I need to get back to that; I tried the free version and was a bit scared it might not be laid back enough (plus, there was probably something else calling for me, as usual).
The templates, especially, look pretty appealing.

Just wanted to add that it’s been really well supported over the years by its developer. He’s currently working on adding multiple planets along with a host new units, factories and conveyors.
I played with a friend and we had such a great time with it that we eventually ended up capturing every sector of the planet (there was only the one when we played it but that alone probably took many dozens of hours).

Fantastic and ground breaking Mech FPS Titanfall2 is on midweek Steam sale for a mere £3.99.
For this price, anyone and their grandmother should own and play this (unless you are on Gamepass in which case you can and should play this for free).

Ubi launcher store has a great deal going on. Sale with a stacking coupon. Here in canada its 15 off 20+. Great time to pick up dlc & classic titles, like the prince of persias for 2 bucks (50 cents at best) each.

Hmm , FarCry 6 standard edition is $20 after using the coupon. Is any of the DLC stuff worth it?


The DLC is interesting, offering insight into past FC villains, but you can basically watch it on YouTube, no need to play the same repetitive roguelike thrice.

I just finished God of War. I’m some way into Asgard’s Wrath. I have 236 hours in Valhalla. I can’t possibly need the Ragnorok DLC for $24.

But what if you do need it? :)

There’s a new Humble Bundle ($13) including

  • Pathfinder Kingmaker + some (all?) DLCs (I think I have most of this as an Epic Giveaway)
  • Gordian Quest (I’ve been eyeing this so I’m either excited or wary because I haven’t bought it yet…)
  • Field of Glory: Empires (isn’t this a wargame series? Or is that Path of Glory? Some other Glory?)
  • Plebby Quest: Crusades
  • Ember
  • Crossbow
  • Tyranny - Deluxe (another Epic Giveaway)

Tyranny and Pathfinder are probably the anchors but also already given away - any standouts among the rest?

Empires is the grand strategy Field of Glory game, and if you have the regular Field of Glory 2 you can play the battles in it.

Rainbow 6: Extraction comes down to $10 too. I thought that was quite fun from their demo but probably a bit too procedural feeling for me. I did like the missions to rescue your dumbass team members after they got themselves podded though :)

I honestly can’t believe they charge anything at all for Rainbow 6: Extraction. It should be an F2P game.

(Edit Whoops - at the Epic Game Store) Borderlands 3 is the new giveaway, and there’s also a new sale and coupon. This coupon is a weaker (unless you’re buying $40+ games at which point it’s better) 25% off games $14.99 and up

Nice, picked up Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Price basically matched keyshops.