Bargain Thread 2023

I enjoyed a good number of hours in Alina of the Arena and Tainted Grail: Conquest, both of which are featured in this bundle.

Well, you probably paid tax when you deposited those funds in the first place, unless you do that MS rewards stuff.

Dicey Dungeons is a minor classic, too.

Seconded. Lovely little game, though not really a Deckbuilder.

Wow, that’s a whole pot of deckbuilders and I’ve only heard good things about all of them! Fights in Tight Spaces is in the top tier, but it’s usually like the price of almost the whole bundle. Beneath Oresa looks pretty stylish as another brawler + deckbuilder (still in EA), and Luck be and Landlord looks like an impossible combo of a “slotmachine” builder but I’ve seen it turn up repeatedly on streamers that cover indies so it looks to have legs!

I like avoiding the tax, and do it two ways:

  1. MS rewards, I get $10 of currency through MS points every month at a good rate for doing the bing searches and all that. Plus sometimes I “buy” more currency from rewards points that way too. But I have to be careful with the timing. If you buy currency, it expires after 3 months, whereas the reward points don’t expire. So only convert them over when it’s time to buy a game.

  2. You can buy Amazon Gift Card balances via Credit Card rewards points, and not pay taxes. Then you can use the Amazon Gift Card balance to buy Xbox currency and not pay taxes. And these don’t expire either, they sit in your MS account until you buy something, and they prioritize the currency which has an expiration date, luckily.

Hmm, the only one I don’t have that I really want is Fights In Tight Spaces. I have Tainted Grail and Dicey Dungeons. If anyone is getting the bundle but already has Fights in Tight Spaces, I’d give $10 for that.

#2 there is pretty clever, well done!

I just buy all my game funds via Costco gift cards. 10% off face value (or 20% if you stock up during the occasional sale), no sales tax when either purchasing or redeeming (at least in CA), and an extra 2% cash back from executive membership.

The only downside is having to scratch off and type in the codes since they come in packs of four $25 cards for $90.

Another great tip! If they sell Steam GCs I’ll give that a shot. I just use the xbox for game pass, haven’t purchased a single game.

Costco doesn’t, but Sam’s does.

Sadly Steam is the one major platform they don’t carry. I get those at Gamestop instead. Their $15 annual membership gives $5 off any item in store every month, and they sell $20 Steam credit. So over the course of the year it adds up to $240 credit for $195 (though in practice usually some months I get something for my kids with the coupon instead).

Only 5% discount off face value, though, and I’ve never seen a sale. Still worth it though, and I used that for an extra $20 off my Steam Deck.

Cheapassgamer finally stopped updating their website on May 23rd I guess. It’s a shame. I visited their site every day for years and years. I guess you could still follow their twitter account for deals if you’re into that, but I never did that and won’t start now.

I guess I’ll rely more on this thread now.

I use:

There’s also but that’s more for when you already know what you want and are waiting for a sale.

Yeah I use this, link my steam wish list to it as well, set alerts for price levels as well is the best especially when coupled with Augmented Steam.

I liked Cheapassgamer since they covered all platforms. But I guess I can use ggdeals for PC, dekudeals for Switch, TrueAchievements for Xbox and my PSN wishlist for Sony stuff.

Dekudeals works for ps and xbox as well, but the alerts sometimes confuse me if a game I want on switch is on sale on another platform.

Yeah, same here. I sometimes forget that I’ve set the Xbox filter on at home and see games on the list that shouldn’t be there on the Switch.