Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


There’s also some good early rewards for a bunch of easy ‘career’ achievements. The campaign provides some of these too, as well as 500 per mission, not just a reward at the end. I played campaign, some arcade games, tried a few multiplayer games, and could afford Vader.

Note that the credit earn rate seems to slow a bit once you’ve done the campaign and those early achievements though. :)


Calm down before you have an aneurism, bro.

Two hours isn’t bad, but that’s what they dropped it to after heavy criticism.


To be fair, if it was originally 60k, that’s quite high and you’d definitely have to play 10+ hours to get even close to that.

But apparently they also reduced the payout rewards as well, so who knows.

Anyway, point stands: as of prerelease date, you can easily unlock Vader in normal gameplay. Absolutely no question. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about.


that really is bad. I think you’re doubling down on the wrong side.


Sure, but you’re dodging the point. The game was originally balanced to push p2w. That sucks. That’s like, the worst case scenario.


I thought that was just the Campaign payout they reduced, as it initially rewarded you enough to buy Iden Versio. Since she dropped to 5000, so did the reward.


Not really. Look at the BF3, BF4, BF1 unlock kits. Hell even Hardline has them. Let me tell you, you’d need to play MANY dozens of hours to unlock all those kits. Like… MANY MANY.

So this is new… how exactly? The only thing I can think of is the randomization element. You don’t know exactly what you will get.


Whoever said it was new? It’s just worse than before. A matter of degree, not substance.


Yeah, but then you can craft specific cards in this if you want. Did the Battlefields have that?


No, they did not. So yeah you can craft exactly what you need, with the same caveat: you will not be able to craft all the things in the same manner that you can’t unlock all heroes after 10 hours of play.


Hero grind is only part of the problem for me…

The current rewards for playing at the end of a round are pure shit, the free loot crate content is pure shit, the leveling system was made intentionally this way to make you WANT to spend money on crates. I am done with multiplayer until DICE does something.

Also I wasn’t really paying attention when I did level up my overall rank, I am 10 now I think. But I am pretty sure your reward for leveling up is NOTHING. Sure now I can craft higher level cards, but I have no scrap to do that.

Who was the previous developer messed up their rewards/loot drops? Was it The Division guys? I recall a patch from some developer late last year or early this year, they mentioned in the patch notes changing drop rates or rewards to be ABUNDANTLY GENEROUS. At this point this is the bare minimum DICE/EA can do to gain any good will.

If you aren’t earning enough credits in 1 hour to unlock a crate then the time invested to reward ration is f’ed up.


If they are being super stingy with scrap, that’s definitely a problem. Without scrap you can’t craft cards and are stuck with the random card drops – plus what you get from the campaign, which to be clear, is a pretty solid set of cards.

At least with the $50 “catch up packs” in battlefield 1/3/4 you know exactly what you’re gonna get for the money.


I haven’t touched the campaign yet, its my next goal. :)

Gonna open my daily free loot crate next, I’ll post the amazing content asap.

And here it is:

5 crafting parts today… Leveling up just 1 card is what like 600+ crafting parts.

At least I finally got a non-duplicate card!

  • I mean to MAX LEVEL the card. ;)


No no no 480 parts is for like a 3 bar card as I recall. A basic card is like 80 or 160 (2 bar?). I’d need to check.

But yeah, 5 parts is pretty stingy.


So I checked online and someone already broke it down for us:

To craft a card is 40 crafting parts.
Upgrade to green 80 (120 total)
Upgrade to blue 120 (240 total)
Upgrade to purple is 480(720 total)

That is just 1 card…


I think this thread is more entertaining the actual game.


Wumpus, we aren’t playing the game because EA fucked it up. Glad you are enjoying it (kinda sounds like you aren’t, or at least something is making you angry) but others have a right to say “they fucked up the design, fundamentally, I’m not buying this one”, don’t they? I mean, buying a broken game is not the gate keeping to being critical of it, is it?

I’m sure the entire creative industry wished that were so, but it’s not.


Yeah it’s called being fucking alive

but on top of that, the game is really quite good, believe it or not. If you can deal with the asymmetrical design, anyways.


There was some other title recently where sales were said to be about half what they expected, and then a while later they included digital sales and found those had increased to make up the difference. Call of Duty maybe? AC? Can’t remember. Maybe this will be like that.


Could be. I was just noting the UK market is a pretty significant indicator.