Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


Hang in there! It took me a fair while to get my first win, I always got so nervous in the final 10. After the first one, which you will get, they start coming easier as the nerves disappear.

By the way, as requested haha, these were taken over the last week:

My peak on the Oceania leaderboards:


That was sarcasm!!

It doesn’t help that I decided not to play this game on weeknights. So it’s not like I can dive in and give it a shot.

Anyway, I’m mostly joking. I’m a little neurotic about games right now because I’m so close to “finishing” my backlog.


I hate linking tweets from Steam Spy with that stupid icon of his, but check out these total daily playtime numbers:


I still haven’t won after 121 hours. Been 2nd about five times, and had the obvious winning position twice (i.e. I knew where the other guy was, they didn’t know where I was).

Most recent case was this weekend. I’d jumped to Pochinki for some shooting practice. Ended up playing hide and seek with one guy for ages, things didn’t quite work out, and I found myself at minute 20 with an AKM, UMP, no useful attachments, and one first aid for healing. The circles were contracting very nicely, so I decided to just wait how things fell and maybe ambush somebody rather than try to loot a city that was probably already stripped bare.

So there I am, 30 minutes in, prone at a top of a hill, looking down at a guy behind a tree who would obviously run 30 meters to get in cover and inside the circle. Nothing else between me and the chicken dinner. Should be more than doable, even if I’m not the best shot in the world. Except I had no optics at all. Only got half his health with the iron sights, and then he was in the circle and I wasn’t, so that was game over.

A useful lesson on the limits of cowardice.

Also, played some squads, and decided that I really need to put some time into getting good at the actual shooting, not just positioning. Otherwise I’ll just be a liability. Going pretty well! Excluding a suicide by motorbike, I’m at an even K/D ratio for the last 10 solo games.


I feel like the problem with getting good at the shooting is the limited opportunities for it during the course of a normal match. I guess I could drop into the deathmatch areas. But I’m already far behind these CS players and they play 23 hours a day so there’s not much opportunity to catch up with them.


Most of the people you’ll encounter aren’t going to be CS veterans though, but chumps like me.


I know. Don’t pay attention to my OCD complaining. I’ll take a little break soon to wrap up my backlog, then take my time with this game. It’s still in Early Access, after all. There’s no rush.


China number one!


/permanently scratches PUBG off of “pick up once it’s out of EA” list


More detail on Bluehole and Microsoft’s cooperation on getting this to Xbox One. This isn’t just a publisher giving a dev money.

Launching on console will certainly help in that respect, and Bluehole just announced that Microsoft will be publishing the game on Xbox One. That’s a pretty big step, given that it hasn’t left Early Access.

BG: But we use Unreal, and with Unreal porting to Xbox is simple enough. And now that we’re published by Microsoft, they’re sending people to our office in Korea, and in Span, and they’re going to help port the game. The main development team still works on the PC version.

We’re doing the publishing deal because of the expertise they bring to it, and not just to the Xbox version, but the PC version as well. We run on Windows, which is a Microsoft product, and we’re working with them… to try and improve security that allows cheating to happen. It’s just strengthening that relationship with the people who make the platforms so that the Xbox and the PC version can be the best they can.

Microsoft has been pushing cross-platform play a lot. Will that be part of PUBG on Xbox?

BG: We’re looking into it. We’d like to see some form of cross-play, but we think it would only be fair if it was keyboard and mouse versus keyboard and mouse, or controller versus controller. But it’s still under heavy discussion.

And another thing is, I was at the Microsoft event last night talking to the Sea of Thieves guys. They said they loved the game, they play it a lot, but, ‘Oh, you’re water.’ I mean, our water is not very good, but Rare has great water tech. They said, ‘We should share some knowledge.’ That’s a great thing about being part of a network of studios. We can get that water tech, essentially for free, and we can share stuff with them. That’s just invaluable, because their water is great. Having that would really finish off our world nicely.

Plus the normally vague runaround on the exclusivity deal.


Oh, you’re water.’ I mean, our water is not very good

Well, when your artists are spending their time on cosmetics for loot crates something has to give.


Finally! It’s really late and I should go sleep, but that’s going to be hard with this adrenaline rush.

Almost screwed things up at the end. I killed #7. Then everyone else started slaughtering each other, and suddenly it’s just two remaining. The last guy is clearly somewhere diametrically opposite on the circle. I’ve got the the advantage for the last white, but no cover. (Just proning in the grass) The other side has a pretty dense forest. Opponent makes a run for it, I aim, fire a burst, another burst, click-click-click. Crap! Forgot to reload after previous kill.

But miraculously the opponent misunderstood where the shots were coming from, abandons his perfectly good tree, and runs for another one. So he’s out in the open just as my reload finishes.


Congratulations! You now join the PUBG winners club here at Qt3. @TimJames’s membership is still pending.


There won’t be any membership applications this weekend either!


I’ve gotten 3 second places the last two days and no chicken dinners, so I see the frustration …


23:57 - “I’ve only got time for one.”
“We better make it count then.”

The MVP was the Thompson SMG of all things. Early crate dropped in the water by the Mylta/Novo bridge, but it only had a Tommy Gun and a ton of .45. We’d normally ignore that, but my buddy already had an Uzi with a suppressor, so he picked it up and then ended up killing five people with it.

The circle contracted to a group of houses with six people left. We killed two who were trying to get into our building, then had to move for the final circle. Took fire as we crossed open ground, but drove them into cover with Tommy and UMP fire and then I landed my best ever grenade throw, about 25 yards through a window to kill one. This drove his teammate out and just after I died to the circle he ran into my friend and delivereed us chicken.


What a great user name. Wish I’d tried to get Flashheart


This game is about to hit 1M concurrent players on steam, the peak today was 980k!

In worse news, speaking of frustration, after a string of wins the past 2 weeks I started to get the impression that I was hot s*** at this game. No, the game tells me, I am not. I just went through a dry spell of 6-8 solo rounds with 0 kills and well below top-10 finishes. These weren’t “lets drop at schooooool!” rounds either, but serious ones. The last two rounds I have at least got 1 kill but still finishing shy of 10 let alone being close to winning.


Could be the matchmaking kicking in, matching you with better players since you’d played well against lesser ones.


Yeah maybe that is part of it, never even considered that. If it works that way, I guess I just got booted back to the plebs as I am starting to get close to winning again.