Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


Wow, that does sound bad.

Hehe. Anyway, does matchmaking even work for FPP?


I don’t think stats are tracked for FPP, so there’s no matchmaking there. Which is good and bad, depending on how lucky you are.


Last night I played a few rounds and got 8 or 9 kills. I’ll play again some times and never kill anyone. It could be matchmaking or it could just be luck. I’ve had nights where I can’t find a rifle.

Hell, last night, in one of my multi-kill games, I made it to 33 left with only a pistol and then killed someone fully kitted out with that pistol and took all their stuff.

RNG is a mofo


Correct, but stats and (I presume) matchmaking will work for FPP after the next patch next week.


Destiny who?


The all-time concurrent record on Steam is Dota 2 at 1,291,328 from March 2016. I think PUBG can beat that before the end of the year easily.


It seems to require that you remake a game that another company owns. At least this one has the original designer involved and not a soulless little troll who stole all of his accomplishments.


I’m looking forward to every game having a Battle Royale mode now.


I think it helps that PUBG is almost the perfect streaming spectator game. It has the requisite freewheeling jank to create those “OMG! DID YOU SEE THAT!?! LULZ” moments. There’s an element of randomness layered with skill. It’s simple to follow in that there aren’t any obscure meta-discussions or strategies involved. There is a clear progression for each match that allows for casual viewing. All this adds together so even watching someone lose is entertaining for the viewer.


So lets talk loadout. What do you guys usually pack (assuming the guns are available)?

My usual combo is an AR with as much scopage as possible, and a shotgun for house fights. I used to prefer the AK for the extra damage, but late game I find the recoil at 4x or 8x to be too much of a liability. My typical order of preference is SCAR > AK/M416 > M16. I like the feel of the M4, but the fact is half of my wins has been with an AK, so I usually leave the decision to which kind of ammo I have more of.

I love shotguns for house fights. If you position yourself well you can really ruin someones day in one shot. I used to sport the S1897 for its pump action 5 clip, but lately I have drifted towards the S686. I think its damage is better, and while its clip is tiny I will usually try twice to hit him with the S686, and if he isn’t dead yet I will switch to the AR to try and finish him off. I have died too many times between S1897 pumps even after a direct hit.

I enjoy playing sniper rifles every now and then, but on average I am less successful with them than a scoped AR. Perhaps it’s because my aim isn’t the best and I like that the AR gives me the flexibility for short and medium distance as well.


I usually finish with M16 + UMP. Reason to carry both AR and SMG is to maximize chances that I can use any suppressors I find in late game. M16 > SCAR/M4 just due to having a fixed burst rather than a full auto. Ideally 4x scope for the AR, 2x for the UMP.

But I’ll occasionally use the SMG slot for something else. Usually a VSS (if found before I have the dream attachments for another gun), or a Kar/SKS if I already have an 8x scope and it’s not super late-game.


I’ve found myself keeping the mini Uzi instead of the shotgun as my close range weapon of choice.

I still haven’t decide which AR I like best, but tend to choose the AK over others.


There’s just the right amount of downtime so it’s good for the chat room side of stream watching.

I don’t chat, but I do watch some streams when I want a chill activity after I’ve run out of things to read on the Internet.


My preferred setup is a Kar 98 and an M416. But since it’s rare to find the Kar, I usually go for an AR (M416, SCAR, M16, AKM, in that order) and an SMG (usually an UMP, but I’ll take the Vector instead if I find it).

I like the M416 and SCAR because they have the full auto option for close combat. They also can be fired very rapidly without much recoil if they’re kitted out. I don’t like the AKM because of the high recoil so I usually ditch them pretty fast if I can another AR, unless I don’t find any extra 5.56 ammo.

I also prefer shotguns early game (S12K with an extended mag), but I usually ditch them midgame for an SMG, because those are more versatile. But if the late circles look like there will be a lot of short range combat I may stick with the S12K (I ditch the other shotguns though).


There are 44 players of PUBG out there that should feel bad


Just had a dream start. 5 minutes in, suppressed AR, medkit, >10 boosts, ammo for the whole game, level 2 helmet/armor, and seemingly alone in a big city right in the middle of the circle. Literally only thing I needed was a 4x/8x scope, and I had dozens of buildings available to loot.

Then I died to a red zone explosion while moving 10 meters between two buildings. It was my first red zone death ever, and the last time I actively avoided them was maybe 120 hours ago. (I didn’t even realize the red zone was there, I’m so used to ignoring them)

I really wish they’d remove red zones completely ASAP, and then put in something else if/when they come up with a better idea. They were scary for about 10 games, and it was fun to get freaked out and try to desperately find cover. Then you realized that chances of getting hit during a full red zone is like 1%, and that there’s no point in letting them affect your play.

(Honestly, if they did shape player behavior somehow, it would only be to camp inside a house. Which is something players are more than happy to do on their own, with no guidance from the game…)


Says the dead man! ;)


I agree with you.

Having a red zone with such a small chance of dying leads to people ignoring them and then getting frustrated on the very seldom occasion that it actually kills them (e.g. your forum post).

I think they should increase the time between when the red zone is painted on the map and when the shells start dropping, but to make it so devestating that if you’re outside you’re almost definitely going to die. It should destroy parked vehicles and people inside houses too. The effect will be that it will get people moving out of that area of the map and increase the likelihood of conflict as people vacate. As you said, the current system, when it does change player behaviour, more often leads to unwanted camping than racing to get out of the circle.


Maybe they should just make the red zones a bit more lethal? I’ve only been downed once running through one and I mostly regard them as a pretty light show. They do affect player behavior, though. All that noise can mask your movement when you’re closing in on someone. Making the zones more lethal would make that more a risk/reward proposition.


Any thoughts on what to do in the top 10? When I get there, it’s inevitably after a long run and I’m stuck behind a tree trying to heal. I’m usually good for about 20 seconds – just long enough to feel safe – and I’m always sniped or flanked.

Does anyone ever have any luck hiding in these situations, or am I better off poking my head out to scan for enemies or trying to dash to better cover?