Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

I have a feeling you all want me in the brig and I’m gonna have to explain how Cylon leaders work…again.

1 card @Lantz

Its an 8 check and we added 8 cards, not sure if serious?

I know, I suspect they are not all friendly, as it’s 8 cards in an 8 check, you see?

Won’t have to wait too long, just started processing it

Positive Cards: +21
Politics - 1 CP, 5 IC, 6 PP
Tactics - 0 QT, 1 LS, 1 LS, 1 LS, 1 LS, 2 LS, 3 SP

Negative Cards:
Piloting - 0 DF

@Knightsaber you may take a card of 3 or less into your hand with QT and you can damage a viper in space or reserves to remove any card with DF.

Now I’m just concerned for everyone’s mental health.

I’ll take the 3SP.

Ya weirdos. If someone put Political Prowess in there I swear to…Six.

I’ll pass on the DF.

I forgot the @Lantz bit again.

Look you already took my best card (and know it!) no way I throw a 6PP!

that said it does give a faint whiff of spiking by adding too much. Ergo enabling not adding in a future check.

First raider rolls an 8 - hit on the AR. Destroyed and Skulls back to sickbay. I’m not sure if that trigger’s Skull’s weakness so perhaps it’s a double trip to sickbay.

The other 5 move to 4.

Jump Prep to -1

I didn’t mean toooo I was trying to give you something niiiice.

There are a few oddities that I’ve been sniffing out around here, but I guess it ultimately doesn’t matter to much to me.

That’s bad.

You know, the board state is not that hot right now. Jumping away looks neat but Pursuit is hanging there teetering on everything plus more coming back. There’s a Heavy about to land and the Armory is broken. Skulls got shot again and the AR exploded. Perky is being surrounded.

@scottagibson you have your hand. Remind me to give you your fifth on the crisis.

I wonder if 1 distance at the start of turn 18 is a record.

I don’t have the stamina to browse the 40 other games to find out. :)

I did say something about the actual choice way back of leaving the pursuit track stuck…
And, probably everyone played the cards that weren’t that high. What’s a raptor?

I’ll play 1XO to XO @Jorn_Weines

CAG have nugget shoot at heavy raider.

Pi6 BotB to hopefully kill all the normal raiders (I assume this one can’t kill heavies).

My final action depends a bit on the outcomes here @Lantz

CAG Viper rolls a 7 - heavy destroyed

BotB rolls a 6 - all raiders destroyed

@Jorn_Weines left me detailed notes and his second action is to escort the civilian.


@scottagibson Check or Discard?

How do you people with those card types feel about the check?

I haven’t got any left.

Edit: I am also a fan of keeping what I do have.

Yeah, it’s 12 cards or less if people are confident we can pass this.