Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

Only batting .900 correcting the game now :P

My perfect record!

somewhere @rho21 pops a Champagne bottle

I’m going to go Eagle all over the floor

Either going to do a repair or jump us a little early. Anyone have a preference here? We’ve got to be running low on prep-less crisis cards but it feels like we’re just crawling along here. Would be nice to make some progress there.

The Admiral’s loyalty card was clean.

Was slightly worried we’d have a problem in the executive branch but I’m glad to see things appear above board at the moment.

Need to pick up girls today from school so I’ll let this sit (jump vs repair) for a couple hours until I get back.

I pick repair.

Just as a point of order in the game. We are playing with the original loyalty cards so there’s none of the possible negative effects of checking a card.

I’ll go ahead and use my regular ability to repair the Main Batteries on Pegasus. Would prefer she sticks around a bit longer. Discard 2x Eng 1R.


Starting with Skulls @Perky_Goth

2 cards, @Jorn_Weines

I’ve got nothing left for this one, sorry. Skip me.

At least we get to move a little bit.

Ooh Ooh! I have cards for this!

Though after reflection I recall I am somewhat less armed for this than I thought.

I suppose I’m armed even if I’d rather hold on to things

1 card @CraigM

2 cards @Knightsaber

1 card


Scott said he was a skip