Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

None for me. @Lantz

Positive Cards: +19
Politics: 1 CP
Leadership: 0 AHoD (+1), 3 AAC
Piloting: 0 PtF (+1), 3 MF, 4 CV, 5 LR
Treachery: 0 B (+1)

All Hands on Deck makes all 0 cards +1
Protect the Fleet means @rowe33 can chose to activate an unmanned viper.
Bait places a civilian behind Galatica - @rowe33 can chose the order of this and PtF.

After that the Cylon Fleet will arrive and y’all will leave. Edit - a heavy will launch from the Basestar, the fleet will not arrive.

Bait first to put a civvy in 2, then PtF to escort that civvy home.

Destinations sent

We’re headed here. Not ideal but better than the snail-paced crawl we were on.


Oh goody I did want to know my goals.

Your definitely human moderator is tying one on watching the World Cup but I will process the jump through tears when I get home.

Heavy Launches.

We jump. -2 Fuel. Civilian ship destroyed is -1 Pop.

Distance to 4. Everyone gets new loyalties except our CL who gets two motives.

@Perky_Goth I need your draw.

Oh, me again. Piloting.

@Perky_Goth your hand is updated.

I see we’ve both made the same mistake and forgot I was in sickbay, huh? Guess I’ll draw piloting anyway.

Sorry will shuffle and fix shortly.

@Perky_Goth hand fixed

Well, I guess I get on a mk vii in 4 and get ready to get blown up again.


Starts with @Jorn_Weines

I am going to request no one else contribute and let me solo this

Well, fine by me.

It sounds a bit fishy but no fishier than Perky launching in 4 instead of 3 with the civvy!

What I’m gonna do, escort it and make the raiders shoot? When the other pilot is just next?
I’ve done worse. :P

The good news is, if its fishy it will be obvious.

If its above board, we pass with minimal waste.

and the fail condition is less bad than others could be. We do draw plenty of repairs.

Also I would really rather we not waste good cards here when we don’t need to.