Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

Why did one of the Basestars move?

It was in the wrong place, if you look at the one before you can see they were in separate spaces on the CFB. I made an error moving it to the main board last turn.

Ah, no worries then. Good to spread them out in case the Admiral starts throwing nukes around.

Buckle up and pass me my wrenches.

Ok step 1: discard Politics 0PtF and move to hangar deck.

As I end my movement on the hangar deck my per turn ability triggers and repairs a viper Mk VII

Then I discard… a lot

Engineering 0 IU, 1 R, 3 SR, 4 RS

To trigger my OPG

I will fix FTL, Weapons, and I will repair the destroyed AR and the remaining MK VII

Just checking that you can actually do that.

Yeah my reading of it is that for purposes of all effects that can target a viper, also apply to ARs. Basically for gameplay purposes they are Vipers with different numbers, and no longer count as Raptors. But admittedly its a grey area.

I think I agree with you, but it is also weird that repair isn’t in this list, although not so weird since normally they aren’t damaged. I think I agree with your interpretation, but I can’t process the turn for a while so I’ll open it to the group if anyone has a good clarification link.

When a game effect instructs players to choose a
viper to launch, damage, destroy, place, or activate, the player
taking an action at that time may choose a viper or an assault
raptor to use for that game effect

Hm, repair is not in that list, as you mention.

I don’t have the consolidated FAQ ar hand, but if a game effect could repair a destroyed Viper I guess it could repair a destroyed AR (unless it’s made clear somewhere that it can’t).

I’ll share what I did with Lantz

I did check before.

That said, has anyone else noticed the indexing for results from BGG is getting worse? Used to he I could easily find rules questions like this, but it is not so easy now.

One reply, not sure if it is from someone at FFG.

The definition of destroyed from the dynamic rulebook is “When a human combat ship is destroyed, it is removed from the game.” It’s an OPG ability, and explicitly says it can fix destroyed Vipers, so I’m fine with it also fixing ARs.

Yeah it’s always counted.

This was actually 0 FtH.

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It’ll go to @rowe33

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