Apparently this is the cover story for the March issue of Game-Informer. Anyone read this yet, any details. I’ve been looking forward to it from what vague details there have been since it was announced.

Yep… I actually feel like going out and picking up the issue. Little reason to doubt the game will be fantastic. Levine, send me a build :)

that cover art is HOT SHIT.

Yeah Levine, send Ohle a build! Wait no…send ME a build, what was I thinking?

Seriously though, I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything Irrational has done and I love the whole idea of BioShock, so I have my fingers crossed. I just hope that they’ve seriously stepped up the technology since the last Vengence engine game. I mean, you could tweak the Vengence engine a little and come out with a competitive game last year, but for a late 2006 or a 2007 release…let’s just say that technology marches on big time, and they’ll be competing for the spotlight with some pretty amazing looking games. I’d hate for people to just discount BioShock out of hand because it’s not something they’re familiar with and it doesn’t look as pretty and “gee whiz” technologically cool as the other games of its time. Sort of like what happend with System Shock 2. :)

So am I going to set myself up for death-by-forumgoers by admitting I’ve never played SS2? :( I’ve just never been able to find it in stores

Yar, I could care less engine-wise, I thought SS2 looked just fine at the time, but- it’s a 360 title as well (I think?) and I hope it looks awesome and plays awesome and they make a boatload of cash off the starving graphics whores :D

It’s a little hard to find nowadays, but there are copies up on without the (utterly unnecessary) manual for not outrageous prices.

It’s definitely worth hunting a little for.

Jason, the rendering engine and lighting has been completely re-written. I should know, I paid for it! (well, until recently…)

Many people have complained about the aging graphics in SS2, but I have to say, I don’t notice them at all while playing, and I think they’re definitely ‘good enough’.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s supposedly a mod/conversion out there where a mod team replaced the models/textures with ‘better’ ones. I don’t know anything about it beyond that.

  • Alan

Are you not with Irrational anymore, or something horrible like that?

Irrational was recently purchased by Take2.

  • Alan

System Shock 2 Texture Upgrade Project

Its a must-have.

I’m with IG, it’s just that big daddy Take 2 pays the bills now!

Just got GI today and saw it, Wow that is some fricken sweet cover art.
I’m just wondering how will they handle the non linear gameplay. Although that part about children sucking out chemcials of dead people sounds freaky.
That part about the art style, modern of the 30s, is that somewhat similar to how Stubbs the zombie future for the 50s was supposed to be?

Blargh, I stopped in Borders today to grab the Perl Cookbook and hopefully read GI while I was in the store, but they didn’t have it! Bah.

We forgive you, as long as you’ve played SS1. <squints eyes> You did play SS1, didn’t you? Hmmmm? </squints eyes> <powers up laser rapier>

Hypothetical: if someone downloads System Shock 2, who are they stealing from?

Electronic Arts, since they hold the IP. Is SS2 even available in stores anymore? I’ve got the original from when it was released, but it’s getting old now, so I’ve ripped it into an ISO for safekeeping.

I managed to play SS2 a couple years ago when I snagged it off Ebay for $20 somthing. It came with the box and manual so it was pretty good deal.

SS1 is a different beast and old enough to create more series problems:

  1. Hard to get working on modern OS’s
  2. Controls predate the standard aka their completely out of wack
  3. Graffx are fugly

That game needs a re-make!